• Look of the day

    Ok, I know I’ve been missing but I’m still here, though I’m really busy:(
    Hope everything will be back to normal tomorrow, until then this week’s “Look of the day” comes from a fellow ro blogger, Laura&Living in a Shoe. I’m an old reader of her blog and she has some really amazing pair of shoes, like these custom made loafer pumps.
  • 5 ways to drive traffic to your fashion blog

    I was planning to write about monetizing today, but that is a little more complex post and takes a bit of time. Still, because it’s still summer and traffic is a tad slow on summer, here are five great ways to drive traffic to your fashion blog, or boost traffic. 

    1. Send a newsletter – this is great way to engage with your community and get people on your blog, but they can be a drag because they require time to put together plus you need the initial database ( more on this in the future) . Yet, from experience, people love it and it’s way easier to keep up posts. One a week or every two weeks, doesn’t annoy anyone to mark it as spam. I loved sending a weekly newsletter but it took a lot of time, but from September…. *wink*
    2. Guest post on other fashion blogs – another great way for other blogger’s readers to find out about your blog. I discovered tons of new blogs from guest posts. A big no no with guest posts is to use affiliate links, don’t do that, it’s rude.
    3. Create shareable content – like a fun DIY of the latest pieces on the catwalk, trend reports, how to
    4. Engage your readers – and I’m not referring only to giveaways and sweepstakes. Do little styling competitions, encourage them to make reviews and share their opinions not necessarily by commenting. Remember Look of the day?
    5. Comment on other blogs – and I don’t mean those types of comments like “cute… follow my blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram blah blah”! 
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