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Op: party animal

I had a witty and fun text to go with this outfit post but I'm so tired at this point that I can't see the desktop good. So much for a party animal! Which I am most of the time, actually fall to spring... don't really like to party hard during summer. Awkward, no?
This is what I would wear to a summer night party, without the bag that is...

        This outfit is inspired by the new range of aperitifs from Angelli, Orange Bitter, Cherry Pink & Fructe de Padure for a megaparty, *wink* *wink*.

What would you wear to a summer party?

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Visa said...

chic summer party look! and your shoes are gorgeous <3


In time for fashion said...

Nice look! :)

dragonfly dragonfly said...

Mi-nu-na-ta !