Birthday girl and Tshirt Factory giveaway

Today is my birthday and it seems every year I become less enthusiastic about it. Maybe the whole aging thing? Don't quite know.  Nevertheless, I can't pass a reason to party! * wink * 
And yeah, I do love them sunnies.

So, to celebrate another year, another wrinkle, more experience, a giveaway is in order. T-shirt Factory is kindly offering 3 of you a custom made t-shirts or your favorite one from their site.
Just leave a comment with your email address and follow the blog on bloglovin', here or here.
One week, good luck!

ps:  foarte multe modele de tricouri aici.

Au castigat tricourile, Dorina, Catalina Rapiteanu & Roxana Zamfira.


Dorina said...

La multi ani! :*

Foarte dragut giveaway-ul! Ma inscriu si eu :)
Mail: anotherside_dorina@yahoo.com
Bloglovin: Dorina

Miruna Moldovan said...

Happy birthday!

mail: miru_dublud@yahoo.com

Ioana said...
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Ioana said...

La multi ani!!! :D


Thais M. said...

If are international pls enter me dear!

Bloglovin username: yeahitsthaat
Email: yeahitsthaat@hotmail.com

Happy Bday! ^.^

la vale said...

mail: valeee.gregori@libero.it

Deiusk said...

La multi ani! :)
Mail: deiutza10@yahoo.com
bloglovin: Andreia Barabas

Oana Cimpeanu said...

Multumim de giveaway!
E-mail: oana_livia92@yahoo.com
Blog lovin: Oana Livia Cimpeanu

Pandrea Florina said...

email: x.ciresica23@yahoo.com
bloglovin :Pandrea Iulia

Alina B. said...

Mail: geo.remember@yahoo.com
Bloglovin: Alina Bucur

La multi ani!

Ramona Dancea said...

Bloglovin: Ramona Elena Dancea

Mary M. said...

Happy birthday, you look amazing!! :*

Distractie placuta in continuare si o zi cat mai frumoasa,
Mary x

Naama A said...

great giveaway!
Naama A
nam12 [at] walla.co.il

Denisa said...

La multi ani! Sa ai parte de un an plin de impliniri, bucurii si multa sanatate.
mail: denys_0405@yahoo.com
Bloglovin: Denisa

Emilily said...

Happy 22nd Birthday! Hope you have another lovely year ahead!

email: emilymcdonald1@optusnet.com

Dana said...

La multi ani !!!
Ma inscriu si eu :)
bloglovin : Danutza Dana
mail :dame.dana@yahoo.com

Lulu said...

Bloglovin: Greeklulu
email: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com

Lovely Darlings said...

La muuulti ani!!

The Lovely Darlings

Julie said...

La multi ani!

Mail + bloglovin : pink_july930@yahoo.com

Teona Andreea said...

la multi muuulti ani ! :D

adaral said...

happy bday!

Diana said...

Hb! mail: d1d092@yahoo.com

Gabriela Moldoveanu said...

La multi multi ani! :*
Multumiri pentru giveaway-ul frumos, premiile sunt tare faine.

Mail personal: dzzd9177@yahoo.com
Bloglovin: gabriela moldoveanu

Ada said...

La multi ani !!!
Mail : lucky_ada@ymail.com
Bloglovin : Ada Adriana

Lorelei said...

La multi ani cu ceva intarizere! :) Mi se pare atat de ciudat ca implinesti 23 cand imi amintesc ca ti-am citit prima oara blogul cand erai in focuri cu bacul.

Roxana Zamfira said...

La multi ani frumosi!
mail: roxana.zamfira@yahoo.com
bloglovin: Roxana Zamfira

Andrea said...

La multi ani frumosi!
email: andryro@yahoo.com
Bloglovin: andryro@yahoo.com, Andrea Chitic

Alexandra-Oana Marat said...

La multi ani!!!
bloglovin: scumpetemik

Ria said...

La multi ani!!! :]

mail: itsriaaa@yahoo.com

catalina rapiteanu said...

La multi ani Denisa! :* :*
Super giveaway, ma inscriu!
te urmaresc cu mailul caty_4ever_rbd@yahoo.com

Olguta said...

La multi ani!

Email: olguta.oana@gmail.com

Ungureanu Laura said...

La multi ani!!!!
Email : lalau_1989@yahoo.com

OfficialHDAccount said...

Multa sanatate! :)

Ciprian Boziean said...

Happy birthday!

mail: ciprianboziean@yahoo.com

Alexandra said...

La multi ani!
Email: ppainter8@gmail.com
Bloglovin: Alexandra Cîrlea/ppainter8@gmail.com

lidia said...

la multi ani!