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You can’t beat a pair of Chucks, the comfy and totally versatile shoe by icon Converse that has been the footwear of choice for generations for the better part of a century originally made famous by Chuck Taylor, then loved by Basketball players across the USA before being the shoes of choice for everyone including more than a few skaters and musicians along the way. There has always been plenty of choice from the Converse core colours range, including special editions of just about every shade in the spectrum to designs with famous bands on, but with the Converse custom shop you can now choose exactly the right pair just for you. 

 The Converse Custom Shop gives you a choice from every type of Converse Footwear from the famous Chuck All Star Hightops, to Converse Ox Shoes, Converse All Star Player Shoes, Converse X-Hi Boots and more. You also have the option to have a leather upper if you fancy something different from the usual canvas that Converse use. 

 You can choose from just about every colour Converse has used in their footwear collections throughout the years, including a special choice of neon colours if you prefer something brighter and rather than just picking one single colour you can mix and match any colours you want, even on each part of the canvas and the rubber sides to mix and match any way you like. There is also a choice of Converse Graphics if you want something that adds a little extra to your colour scheme, or a choice of DC Comics superheroes and villains, even from the Batman: Arkham City computer game if you’re a comic book fan. You can either go direct to Converse to get a pair of customised shoes or you could have a go and grab some trainers in a Converse sale and customise them yourself!