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Ipost: outfit for lazy people

The wonders of  evening classes, stay almost all day in bed and then you're to lazy to dress up.  Well, at least I was to lazy to dress up, actually to iron a shirt. 
A wild hoodie appeared and I contemplated for a few seconds the possibility to wear it, then I remembered I thrifted this YSL oversized sweater a while ago and  I didn't have the chance to wear, so today I took it for a spin, needless to say that without the belt I look like a hobo... love the color, love the knit patterns and it was really cheap, had to buy it and had to wear it.

ps: don't forget to enter the Restler dress giveaway

pastel vs neon

ECCO spring/summer '12

Pastel or neon?

color & co

Trying to make simple collages in photoshop, it's really relaxing activity...Bright colors, pastels, prints & color blocking. Did I miss something?

Etro Printed silk-twill coat/ Marni dress/ Sergio Rossi sandals/ Celine bag/ ASSAD MOUNSER  bracelet

Neutrogena review

I've been meaning to write this for a while, actually for about two weeks, a couple days after I received the Neutrogena products. First, I'm a lazy person, the only lotion/cream/oil & co I use is face cream.. Why? Because I simply forget about the other ones, don't get me wrong love and I have lots of them, technically my mom does but you get the point, but they aren't a part of my daily routine.

Still, from the few brands I buy, me not my mom, Neutrogena is one of them, so this isn't the first time I use their products, I tried their hand cream before mainly because the lip balm does wonders for your lips, I'm a lip balm junkie.  I did a memory effort and tried them all, body lotion & hand cream, and guess what, love them! They protect and make your skin soft, perfect for winter months and for warmer ones.
So, if you are looking for skin goodies try Neutrogena:)

Restler dress giveaway

Giveaway alert! Win the above dress, retailing at $140, by up & coming indie fashion label Restler, do check all of their pieces here.
Really now, the shoulder details are just ahhmazing, how can you not love the Wing dress?
This what you need to do for a chance to win:
For an extra entry if you are feeling creative *wink*
One week, good luck!

2012 Oscar best dressed

You know I don't usually cover red carpet events but this time I couldn't help myself, so these are the best dressed ladies at the 84th Annual Academy Awards  in my opinion. I liked a couple more but I narrowed down to seven, featuring lots of white gowns...
  • Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford
  • Maria Menounos in Maria Lucia Hohan
  • Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace, just gorgeous!
  • Rooney Mara in Givenchy Couture , the girl could have worn a plastic bag and I would still have love it
  • Judy Greer in Monique Lhuillier
  • Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji, she was amazing in The Help
  • Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab Couture
Which looks did you like best?

Outfit post: purple & denim

These rubber boots are the best item I bought this winter, I know this is the third outfit post with them but, believe me, I didn't wear anything else... Hopefully, this damn snow will go away before I'll have meltdown, pun intended:) Don't be fooled by the background...
Hopefully, I won't wear them this week so much, I have two pairs of unworn spring shoes and another pair of mid heeled boots  that wait patient in the closet. 

thrifted denim shirt & belt, similar here & here
zara boots
parfois rings & watch
h&m necklace

Mulberry del Rey


This might be old news for some of you but how I am a sucker for Mulberry bags, actually bags in general, a girl has to have a vice obsession, I'm a bit excited, just a bit,  for the new del Rey bag.
Well, don't want to be the party crasher, but in my opinion the design has nothing on Alexa or any other Mulberry bag for that mater, still, the bag is pretty awesome but not awesome enough to drop at least $1250 on it. Mixed feeling ladies, mixed feelings... Del Rey launches in May as part of Mulberry's Autumn Winter 2012 collection.
As for Lana Del Rey, I enjoy the whole persona she created but just don't make listen to her music..
pics via vogue & mulberry

Get the look: Alexa Chung

Just love Alexa Chung's outfit...

get the look

Fashion-conscious skirt

Currently craving: Juliet & Company necklaces


If you follow my tumblr blog you know already that I'm obsessed with Juliet&Company necklaces, how can you not love them?  I will get my hands on one soon, really soon..

This morning, my plan was to stay home, read and relax, instead I "ran" around town all day and just came home with a monstrous headache...yeey 
There's so much drama going on around me, I could write more than three books, the good part is that I don't have any talent... 
I have more to tell but I'm going to continue my morning plan now...

Interiors: Diane von Furstenberg’s penthouse

Diane von Furstenberg’s fashionable Manhattan penthouse
For more pretty interiors & decor ideas visit DailyDreamDecor



I'm quite in a funk right now but I'll shrug it off in no time.. 

giveaway reminder

Don't forget to enter the Oriflame giveaway!

Asos spring lookbook


Winter, y u no go away already? I have my eyes on that printed it me, or this Asos looks are really boho/alternative?

lpost: life lately

I'm obsessed with these tights, I think they go with everything, still, I wouldn't leave the house in the outfit above... tights aren't pants!
Bought a bunch of spotted hosiery...
I guess you've seen these on facebook already but I just love to try on other people's stuff, in this case the hat & glasses. Andreea, guard your hat!!
Zara did their own version of Antigona,  thinking of getting it... not sure if I'm ready to pay that much on a Zara bag.
So sad that this is the last book, I'll miss Lisbeth & Blomkvist...

Outfit post: shiny

Shiny, shiny, shiny, doesn't show from the photos but this is one shiny outfit, beginning with the rubber boots, continuing with the bag and ending with the sweater.
I know that white top on white background isn't the best idea ever, but bear with me Bucharest isn't the place for photos right now.

random sweater
Depot96  blazer
H&M jeans
old Accessorize bag
Zara boots