new iphone case + giveaway

This adorable case from iconemesis just came in the mail today and couldn't help myself to snap a couple of pics. You know I bought me a couple of  iphone cases a while back but never changed my old one because of the texture, sounds crazy right? This floral case by Johanna Basford is just silky smooth,  yep that's right, silky smooth, can't find better words to describe it. What can I say I'm a sucker for pretty iphone cases:)

Well, you can find out for yourself how awesome the iconemesis cases are because they are offering a pretty  case to one of you lovelies. 

Visit iconemesis, pick the case you love leave a comment and follow them on twitter here or like them on facebook here. They have a bunch of promos for their fans & followers!

Also, shamelessly attaching my own facebook page too:)
ps:  Fifi Lapin cases ahead!
Giveaway closed, congrats to Ada Cojacaru.


Susan said...

oh, wow! love these cases.
my favorite is the one with the cats by Leah Goren, so adorable but cool at the same time :)
have a lovely day, xoxo

AlexandraS said...

i loveeeeee http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/quirky-floral-stems-2 It's my fav, twitter:@AllaleNew

Alina's said...

It's was so hard to choose,but I stuck to this one:

SAF said...

I love the shoes!! Incredible cases. Twitter @sophiaannaliese
FB: Sophie Fredericksen

kuromomo said...

Omg I love them all ~ but I choose this one :) http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/kitty-pattern-4

Ada said...

love those cases :D but I choose this one : http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-3/black-floral
FB: Ada Cojocar

Anca Aramescu said...

<3 http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/imposter :D
Anca Aramescu

KAT VALDEZ said...

I love this:

Followed on Twitter and Liked on FB!
Twitter: @kattvaldez
FB: Kat Valdez

E-mail: mail.katvaldez@gmail.com

Anonymous said...



Name: Isaiah Lachica
Twitter: @iceiceyelo

nightowl said...

I like the one called "Tropical"
I like them on Facebook.
Kimberly B.
winit6 at hotmail dot com

carizza said...

I love the skull case by sarah king!
FB: Carizza Tabobo
twitter: @carizzatabobo


Ingerrr said...

i love: http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/quirky-floral-stems-2
fb: Mihaela Preda
mail: inger_fara_harpa@yahoo.com

Kimberly R. said...

thanks for the giveaway, i love the floral pattern.


Alexandra. said...

fb: Simon alexandra ioana
fav case: http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/feathers

Tina G. said...

There are all adorable, but that's my fav one: http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/fifisonnyandstella

Fb: Tina Gallo

Caroline said...

It was sooooo difficult to choose but this one stands out : http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-3/first-saturday so colorfull
Thanks for the giveaway, my email : caroline_vive_belzunce@hotmail.fr

Caroline said...

It was sooooo difficult to choose but this one stands out : http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-3/first-saturday so colorfull
Thanks for the giveaway, my email : caroline_vive_belzunce@hotmail.fr
Sorry, forgot that part : Twitter : @cornerstonedd

Heather Belle said...

Looove this case : http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/cupcake
Liked on FB
Name : Heather Lestoric


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/cupcake for Iphone4, very cute indeed!


Ruppy said...

all were so damn cute !! I hardle chose one .. ♥


Twitter: @Ruppyyyy
FB: Ruppy Cherrypie
E-mail: ravetisyan1993@mail.com

ThinkOrange said...

I like them and you on FB: NeonGray

My favorite is watercolor case

Jessica said...

Following on Twitter via @bedknobsbaubles and you on Facebook!

My favorite is the Watercolor version at http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/watercolour-2 - so pretty!

I'm A Love Addict said...

I love this one http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/pink-floral-2


valentina said...

I like : http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/quirky-floral-stems-2

It's cool and sophisticated.
FB:Letitia Golea

Romina said...

i love this http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-4/steven-wilson
Twitter @TalposRomina
Fb: Romina Talpos
mail: green_litlle_eyes@yahoo.com

Daria said...

Fav one: http://iconemesis.co.uk/products/iphone-3/quirky-floral-stems

Facebook: Gina Daria Matei
E-mail: daria_din_19@yahoo.com

kel said...

I love the cat one by Leah Goren, so lovely!
I've liked and followed :)
Nice blog by the way!