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Sartoria Cum Laude

Thursday evening I stopped by British Gallery for a fun mix of home decor pieces and designer clothes, organized by TuxedoConfessions, I've seen the clothes at the UAD Gala but this time I had the chance to actually browse and feel the fabrics.

Didn't stay too long, just snapped a couple of photos, chit chat a bit, drank a shady cocktail, shady because it looked like as if  it had coke in it, if you don't believe me check out the facebook page, I'm gonna start adding a couple of photos asap.
The reason I didn't take full body pics is that my 50mm lenses require a certain distance from the subject, which I couldn't have, though I'm sure Alice will post more pics.

Outfit post: I ain't no social butterfly

This photos were taken exactly two weeks ago on a beautiful Friday afternoon before a socializing session and a shopping one, just a simple and casual outfit to not overshadow my braided hairdo.
As the title of the post suggests, I'm not a social butterfly like my fellow bloggers, I'm actually kind of socially awkward even though I enjoy going to events & meet ups, sometimes I need to be dragged out of the house... Still, I'm really friendly most the time:) 
How about you? Are you a social butterfly?

ps: you'll see a lot of the clutch & shoes this summer... 
Custom made Pixie Shoes Clutch, s'Oliver jeans, Zara tee, h&m flats, Tom Ford sunnies
With the lovely girls from Bucharest Style &  Faboulista. How cute is Raluca's dress?
outfit post
Aww, and sorry for posting so many pics but my awesome photographer, Alice puts up with all my bitchin' and it would be such a shame to see them go to waste. Here's a sample of the pics I took of her that day, you can see more here.

later edit: I didn't braided my hair, Monica did, if you want her contact details, let me know;)

Outlet? Yes, please!

As you may already know, I’m a big fan of outlets and bargains in general; I mean why pay the full price when you can get the same thing for a smaller amount of money? It’s great if you can afford them out of the runaway, though I don’t mean only designer clothes highstreet stuff too. It’s really hard for me to spend my own money on a 300$ blouse and that’s why I don’t spend it all, because for that same amount of money I can get awesome items at a lower price if I’m patient, just the other week I bought a beautiful Valentino skirt for a fraction of its original price. So yes, I’m a bargain hunter. 
 Maybe when I’ll have a steady job my shopping habits will change… though, I doubt it:)

The outlet scene isn’t so developed here, still, there are a couple of outlets worth your while even though they don’t carry designer items, but in the US there are lots of them from Hanes outlet stores to Lacoste and many more, are just at the beginning. They promise to find the best deals, Bcbg outlet deals and Brooks Brothers outlet deals are a couple of them. The fun part is that they share the addresses of offline outlets too, so in case you are in the area you can check them out.

I, You, We Love Couture!


As you may already know, our July Look of the day sponsor is who is offering the girl which has the most voted look a 50$ gift card. Vote for you favorite look here.

Let me tell you a bit more about, it's a  fairly new online boutique with a focus on Romanian designers, all type of designer, from dresses to shoes and accessories. 
I must say that the overall appeal of site is really good and super super easy to use, you can find what are you looking for in a heartbeat, even though it looks a bit like it's foreign counterparts.
And because the sales period is still going strong, I wanna show you a couple of sale items that caught my attention. You can check all WeLoveCouture sales items here.

Loredana Novotni flared sleeve coat, neon dress from Cristina Zegrea  and a pretty origami dress from one of my favorites designers and friend, Arina Varga.

What do you think?

Interiors: At home with Minnie Mortimer

Minnie Mortimer's California home. Love the clustered frame wall and all those different pattern pillows, this one beautiful house.

*vogue via everything fab*

Look of the day: office outfit


This weeks Look of the day and last of July, comes from Aura @ Littlebitsoffashion, I must say that her outfit is perfect for the office, it's simple yet the stylish, the orange shoes, like Aura says, are bright & fun.

If I had to choose, this would be my statement outfit. Although very simple, I put in it the pieces – and the significance behind them – that would really define me as a person. And there you have it – a classical outfit, but with a twist and a daring attached to it. It is a white shirt, but in fact a man’s white shirt, which in this combination gets as feminine as it can get. A black skirt – pretty simple, but very elegant in any combination, appropriate at any time. Classical design shoes – yes, but in a bright and fun colour. Simple black bag, but sleek and comfy to wear. And, of course, the sunglasses – a girl always needs a pair of oversized sunnies to keep it sweet and mysterious.

Our July sponsor, WeLoveCouture, is offering a 50$ gift card, 150 lei, to the lovely girl whose outfit gets the most votes. So, don't forget to check the FashionInMyEyes  facebook page to vote for your favorite outfit. Aww, and WeloveCouture has a facebook page too, clicky here!!


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Snobbish Weekend Activities


You know everything about Snobbish Breakfast, I've posted about the awesome dresses and girls behind their design here, here & here! When some of us wonder around on weekends or simply do nothing, I'm guilty of that, other ones make dreamy photoshoots like the above one.

ps: if you want to order one of the dresses send an email at

photos by

Outfit post: farmville

These photos weren't supposed to end up on the blog but I'm feeling quite giddy this particular evening so why not? I took them last week after a failed sunflower photoshoot, thistles aren't nice, and I know I look slightly drunk, but trust me, I started drinking afterwards:)

Stephanie LaCava


A little style inspiration for Saturday night, Stephanie LaCava, writer and how some describe her,socialite. I simply love her minimal style with a twist and besides that, she seems genuinely nice. Also, she has a blog, a tumblr one that would be, you can check it out here.