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Nells left a comment on "Made in...buying for the label" and here's a part of it:
„Today i came across this girl at work who was holding a real LV tote bag round 1000euros...she was probably on a first date and i think she expected her date to pay the bill...when he paid only his share...she turned red and was completely embarrassed..turns out all she had was 5 euros...!!”

Thinking about the girl’s perception, I can’t stop to wonder, would you spend all your money on a designer piece rather than be able to pay for your own meal? Maybe she thought that the guy would like her more if she had an LV bag? I guess he believed she had money to pay her share if she affords high eng bags.
I don’t even want to imagine the embarrassment she went through, even though she kinda deserved it. I’m being mean, I know, but why she went out if she hadn’t money, with this kind of behavior I don’t agree.
Expensive items don’t make you better than someone else, and spending money without limit either, especially when you remain penniless afterwards.
I calculate my money to the last cent because I really hate it when I’m broke, and by broke I mean like the LV girl and I hate to loan money. Debt it’s like an evil leprechaun hanging around you.
Remember what happened to Rebecca Bloomwood? She spent and spent and spent again, money she didn’t have. I know that this is an imaginary example, but I’m sure there are many people in her shoes.
That’s on the large scale; however there are many Zara blouses waiting to be bought, many Topshop sandals waiting to be worn and many LV bags waiting to be carried. And I think they don’t worth it, if they make you go through this kind of situations.

"A man will never love you or treat you as well as a store. If a man doesn't fit, you can't exchange him seven days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater. And a store always smells good. A store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed. And when your fingers first grasp those shiny, new bags... oh yes... oh yes. "

friday photo

Raquel Zimmerman by Ellen von Unwerth, for Vogue Nippon June 2010.


friday the 30th

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Gonna actually read Vogue Uk.
Watch the latest episode Glee.
Listen to Michael Bublé.
Gonna do all the applications for my professional office business class.
I know, nothing glamorous about my day...
How about yours?

ps: I'm aware that Gwyneth has a price sticker on her forehead:)

Get the look: Alexa Chung

When I saw Alexa's look on The Redhead Fashionista I knew that it will be a challenge to recreate it, and it was. This is more like an adaptation for everyday style, 'cause I'm not sure how many girls would wear a white crocheted blouse with a black bra...
Given that the blouse is a bit transparent;the "battle" was between a simple tank top and floral bustier, but I didn't want to change the outfit so I used the tank top.
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American Eagle AE Women's Soft Military Jacket Olive
Old Navy Womens Plus Crochet Tie-Front Cardigans
Women's AE Crochet Racer Tank - American Eagle Outfitters
Chantelle Chantilly Contour Demi bra
Zigzag Pointelle Socks
Star Ling 'Seabreeze' Sandal
ASOS Quilted Suedette Lock Across Bag

Links à la Mode: When Fashion Gets Ethical

Edited by Retrochick

The ethics of Fashion can be a blurry area. With so much to think about when we buy, from construction to provenance, how can we pick our way through such a minefield of issues and emerge with our ethics intact?

We all have a duty as consumers to be as informed as possible about the purchases we make, and this weeks Links à la Mode can help. Amongst this weeks picks Fashion in My Eyes talks about locally made fashion, Style Eyes discusses Organic Cotton, Hello Beauty buys some recycled sneakers, Oranges and Apples sorts the wheat from the chaff in second hand clothing and Shrimp Salad Circus brings you natural make up.

  • Avant Garb – Dedicated Follower Fashion grills Sandra Mendoza-Daly of Debutante Clothing
  • Betsey J – Why do we feel it’s necessary to financially compete with our fellow bloggers? Is it really worth it?
  • Dramatis Personae – Interview with Indie Designer Ureshii– fabulous made-to-fit clothes for the modern gal!
  • fashion in my eyes – Made in… Buying for the label
  • Glossary – Fashion 101: Back to Basics
  • hello beauty! – my new eco-sneakers, which are basically a jumble of hemp, recycled plastic bottles and car tires…
  • House in Tillford – Fur isn’t fashion! My rantings about fur
  • Idiosyncratic Style – Swoon-worthy Spring runway trends
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers – How to Contribute Articles to a Blog or Magazine
  • La Moda Dubai – Photoshop isn’t the only to manipulate a photo
  • Le Quaintrelle – Outfits inspired by Michael Kors Resort 2010 collection with pieces out of my own closet.
  • Mystery Creature – Look great for a sleek and sophisticated summer wedding with these 1930’s inspired wedding dresses
  • Oranges and Apples – Taste and secondhand clothing: sorting the wheat from the chaff
  • Out Of Order – Interview with Marisa of New Dress a Day
  • Retro Chick – The Lost Art of Dressing Up
  • Return to Sender – Little black dresses for the FATshionista.
  • Ship-shape and Bristol Fashion – These days knock-off trends are common place but is cheap fashion still a taboo?
  • Shoe A Day – How does fashion fit into Earth Day?
  • Shrimp Salad Circus – Get high-fashion makeup looks for less with all-natural, afforadable handmade mineral versions!
  • Style Eyes Fashion Blog – Organic clothing – should I bother?
  • Style Symmetry – 5 Days of Symmetry Challenge ~ Wear a 100% Vintage Outfit
  • The Coveted – Why Say Never? Chambray Jumpsuit & Clogs

a proper thank you

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I didn't inted to post this evening due to, many inspiration sucking classes which I had today; but my blood rushed when I saw that Arina Varga said that fashion in my eyes is one of her 2 favorite blogs, in an interview for a ro magazine.
This kind of things made my heart melt, so, Arina a biiig thank you to you!!!

peTocuri misspelled my blog's name (fashion in my eye), last time I checked I wasn't a harm done...

Also, I haven't written long articles because I had the impression nobody will read them but you proved me wrong. I'm overwhelmed by the response I got on "Made in... buying for the label" , so what do you say? More long&boring articles?:))

on being a beauty blogger, Special K

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Meet Special K, or Maria, she's a ro beauty, more like make-up, blogger; the way she plays with colors and fantasy lashes is simply amazing. Myself, I can't proper hold a make-up brush or even apply something more than eyeliner, ohh well I'm good at other stuff.
Visit her blog at

1. How did you start blogging?

Actually I had a hi5 account where I uploaded pics of myself and girls were always complimenting my makeup. They were curious about what products I used, they were asking advice on how to do their make-up or what colors they should wear and they suggested I start blogging. So when a lot of requests began to appear, I figured why not...might as well share what I know on a larger scale. And the rest is history as they say.

2. Why beauty?

Cause it's my cup of tea! :)) I'm kidding! Actually my blog is more about make-up...looks, tips and tricks, product reviews, tutorials. I do not touch subjects such as skincare, nail art, know, beauty related stuff. I stick to what I know best and what I feel I have to offer to others.

3. What's your favorite make-up/beauty product?

That's a tough one! If by “make-up product”, you mean a general category I would have to say concealer because I have dark under-eye circles. If you were talking about a specific product, I think I’d go with Clinique Blended Face Powder, though I’m really starting to like Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation!

4. Most successful look you created?

Out of the artistic ones, I’d have to say “Phoenix” and “Truth or dare” out of the wearable ones.

5. Keen to share a beauty trick?

Aren’t I always? The most important thing I can teach you, and I know it sounds cliché, is that you have to feel good about yourself, to be happy with who you are and how you look and to express your own personality through make-up .

Ohh I forgot to tell you, she does make-up tutorials too. Check them out here.
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when fashion meets illustration, karla spetic a/w 2010

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About a year and a half ago I found on polyvore a fascinating illustration, the girl's soft and deep glance stucked in my head for a while. Did a set, post it on the blog at that time and continued life.
A couple of days ago, I find a similar stare on Karla Spetic's key pieces from autumn/winter 2010 collection, Dreamer. If I were to think about it, I'm sure I saw the Dreamer on a couple of blogs before I realized who's the girl in the prints.
I've learned that the illustrations are by Caitlin Spencer, a twenty year old artist from Australia who wishes she could marry Fred Astaire and wear only black velvet dresses.

So girls, what do you think?
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Made in... buying for the label

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I’ve wanted to write about this a long time ago. It all started a couple of time ago when I was shopping, at a Romanian brand, nothing unusual, right? Ohh well, there were to young ladies, one of them wanted to buy a dress; they spoke pretty loud so I overheard them. The dress girl said that she loved the dress but that she couldn’t buy because on the label wrote “MADE IN ROMANIA” and she can’t buy a dress made in ro, her friend gave her the amazing idea to cut the label and say she bought it from another country. They laughed and left without buying the dress. I was about to hit them with the hanger, luckily I’m not that violent in public places.

Being a finance student, I can see it only in two ways. I hear the words “recession, unemployment, crisis&co” on a daily basis, several times a day actually; so why not stimulate national production and buy items made in your own country?

And that dress was really cute, the fabric was fine and it wasn’t expensive at all. I usually shop from there so I know they have quality items, and believe me I received a lot’s of compliments wearing them.

Why so ashamed? It’s not like people have x-rays and see your label and call the fashion police. I really don’t get it.

Three or five years ago I bought an Oscar de la Renta pajama, yeah Oscar de la Renta has a sleepwear line, and it was made in Ro. H&M and Topshop both have factories here, and I know from an reliable source that we produce Dolce & Gabbana men suits too. The suits cost around 100-200$ without the label, you know much they cost with it…My friend wore a 2000$ suit at his prom.

Another stupidity that I heard, “ I can’t wore it if it isn’t expensive”, say what? I’m so proud when I thrift or find something cute and inexpensive. Don’t get me wrong , I adore certain high end pieces, and I’m gonna afford them some day(I’m still young);but she wasn’t talking about designer pieces, more like “medium end”. Where’s the thrill? Where’s the creativity? And c’mon, I’ve thrifted Prada boots(mom snatch them, and she has Fendi jeans too),LV bag, once I found an YSL men cardi but my mom wouldn’t let me buy because it was like 10 sizes bigger.

The point is, don’t shop just for the label ‘cause in the long run only style matters. Hope you resisted through all of this article.

How do you shop?

The journey of a man's weardrobe by The Selby

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The Selby and Louis Vuitton invites you in a journey to LV headquarters all around the world. First episode online, is Paris, where you can visit LV's studio, workshop, fashion show and family house.
The other locations, Shanghai,Tokyo, New York, London will be available online throughout next couple of weeks. London, the last location, will be "open" on my may 19th.
It's like Mystery case files, just only the fashion part, no crimes related. If you played MCF, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Check it out here: The Journey of a man's weardrobe by The Selby
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sunday quote


new feature:)

Diana Moldovan & Andreea Diaconu in Elle Romania Mai 2010

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This month the cover of Elle Romania is conquered by Diana Moldovan and Andreea Diaconu, two romanian models, which I'm sure you already know. I think this is my favorite number after the Andreea Raicu edition, it full with fantastic editorials (I have one more to share with Diana Dondoe) and great articles, so if you are from ro go buy it now.
Also, a couple of weeks ago Roxana Voloseniuc, Elle's editor in chief, announced on her blog a new job opening for a beauty editor; they eventually hired two editors one of them being a blogger. Miruna from siblondelegandesc (blondes think too) joined the Elle crew, read her winning article here. Looking forward to read her:)
What do you think?
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fashion editor Marian Palie, photographer Ionut Staicu

scans by me


Special K said I'm her virtual soul mate and wrote such nice things about me, she litterally made my day 'cause I usually hear Oww Denisa you're so mean, my college mates think I'm evil...*cough* I'm not, I'm just sincere and hate sharing new magazines.

and a fun tagg from her blog.
Nickname: I don't have one but call me Deni sometimes, and I hate it...I'm not Deni with everyone, only 3 persons can call me Deni:)
Height: uhmm about 1,65m
Name day: Ioana...
Ocupation: student and I want to believe bloger too.
Siblings: none, why do you think I have crappy pics?
Native language: romanian
Foreign languages: english but I understand other languages too...
Collections: gift boxes
Shoe size: 38,5
College: Finance, banking, insurance, stock exchange markets -Academy of Economic Studies
Favourite class: Public Finance
Hobbies: fishing, badminton, reading...
Pocket money: I'm a finance student, I can manage it:)
Wish: not to work in a bank:)
Dreams: they will be fulfilled eventualy
Lucky numbers: 7&16
Want to revisit/resee: nothing/no one, I want to see new things and meet new people.
Pets: I had...

Enough about me, go visit Special K , she has an amazing beauty/make-up blog!

ps: If you tagged me/awarded me and I forget to post it, my apologies, I have a short memory...

How to wear boyfriend jeans

This trend is a little old but I didn't see it on streets that much, maybe girls can't give away their skinnies for slouchy boyfriend jeans. Actually, starting to think about it , they won't trade skinnies/leggings/treggings or whatever, for I'm talking of what is happening around here, don't want to generalize.
So, boyfriend jeans, I don't think they are very hard to wear, especially if you like to be comfortable, uhmm yeah skinny jeans can be a total mess sometimes. Body part everywhere, hope you know about what I'm mumbling here.
I've used only heels, because I don't like how flats look on looklet:)

Handbag by 5Preview, Necklace by Tatty Devine .Bracelet by Hilfiger Denim, Bracelet by Bianco footwear, Cardigan by DKNY Jeans, Jeans by Zara, T-shirt by Jean Paul Gaultier, Heels by H&M

Magazine by Extras, Shoulderbag by Mulberry ,Brooch by Cacharel,Ring by Tree, Blouse by By Ti mo,Jeans by Zara, Wedges by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shoulderbag by Urban Outfitters,Paperbag by Burberry, Ring by Sagtan Hussein,Necklace by 5Preview,Cardigan by Rodebjer,Corset by H&M,Jeans by Zara,Tank top by Kari Traa, Heels by H&M

friday photo

Bonjour tristesse

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Nothing to add...

photos by Irina Graewe

outfit post: double denim

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I found the perfect time to do an outfit post since I don't have my camera right now, so sorry for the crappy Iphone photos. This is my take on double denim, maybe you're wondering we I didn't belted the oversized shirt;just because everybody does that and I wanted to go for a " I just woke up and threw something on" look..ehhm something like that...
Those are heels, eventhough the picture don't do them justice.
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thrifted shirt,zara jeans&shoes, h&m jacket and random brooch

Get the look: Vanessa Hudgens

I'm loving Vanessa Hudgens's summery look, perfect for a casual shopping afternoon. Shirt dresses and denim are in trend so why not wearing denim shirt dresses? Or an oversized shirt; I just thrifted a denim shirt 3 sizes bigger and it looks like a dress.I think I'm gonna wear it today, Vanessa inspired me:)
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Topshop Bleach Denim Oversized Shirt
Mia Village Sandals
Yesstyle Chain-Detail Studded Tote
Miss Selfridge Tan Plaited Leather Belt

ruby ruby ruby

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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
Do you, do you, do you, do you
Know what you're doing, doing, to me
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

The Kaiser's Chiefs lyrics are so accurate right now, love this delicate&feminine collection from Ruby, actually I love all their collections...
Deanna Didovich designs youthful and dreamy pieces, with a special attention to details.
The duble bow dress is my favorite and it's called Paris, how cute is that?
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yellow mellow

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Cause you liked Natalia's yellow lingerie set:)

Off to my statistics exam...I'm afraid, I'm very afraid...:(