it's always the same

Black!Again and again,I have a problem and I know it but I've fallen in a dark cycle of black clothes.I can't help it:)

I was thinking of doing a Q&A post.. so if you want to ask me something, go ahead:)

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h&m jacket&blouse,debenhams jeans,local brand suede boots and vintage bag



pretty bags from Teo Jasmin

Teo Jasmin is an Paris based interior design companyand they specialized in digital printings on canvas, trendy bags, cushions and furniture.

The printing models are very cute,from pink cars to little english buldogs, they offer a wide range of themes such as the bamboo forrest, the tea ceremony in Japan, the Inuits of Alaska, Indian holynesses, the morning breeze, Big Apple skylines, multiple floral images, , double deckers buses, the Beatles with timeless themes like Abbey Road, Live at BBC, Help or even Sergent Pepper's Lonely Hearts club band.
I've posted just a couple of bags,but you can check the rest of the items&themes on teojasmin.com

dress up

Wanna play dress up?
Thakoon dress
Calypso vest
Stella McCartney bra
Loeffler Randall boots
Ri2k tote bag

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Andreea Raicu in Elle Romania

Elle Ro is one of my favorite magazines and featured on cover of the december issue, is Andreea Raicu.For those who don't know, she's a model turned tv producer turned actress.The photos were taken in the Louis Vuitton house from Asnieres by Dana&Stephane Maitec and styled by Domnica Margescu.

I don't usually post Ro editorials, althrough there are a lot of great ones, but this one it's my fav until now.And Andreea is gorgeous.

What do you think?

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ps:ce parere aveti despre Efect 30?


I study

big tests coming up and this is my hectic way to study:)


3 ways to wear a leather jacket

Wrangler Leather Jacket.

What's your fav?

create or donate?

More details on Rfb.

Beyoncé feat. Lady Gaga - Video Phone obsession

Have you heard this song?I have a new obsession with the video...


you should always feel pretty

and I mean it:)

Christopher Kane dress
American Eagle Outfitters vest
Belle by Sigerson Morrison boots
Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag
Rick Owens bracelet

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unnur bags

The sales have started already,I'm getting a lot of emails recently, tempting me to shop and although I tend delete the majority of them,this one caught my attention with a simple "hi nookie".

Dear readers,let me present you Unnur bags.Run,Elisabeth,Katrin,Elena and many more,they are all on sale,you choose.
If you buy them as a gift you can get free gift wrapping on request plus they ship worldwide.

Also,use the code unnursfavoriteblogs for an additional 5% discount on all products until the 10th of December.

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men looks

I always post about women looks that I like&admire but rare about men's style.
The simplicity of the first outfit is mesmerizing.I'm not a fan of low v-necks on boys but combined with a clean cut white shirt it's looks amazing:)

What do you think?

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the sartorialist,stylesightings


Urban spiceberry

Alexandra,a sweet reader of mine who won the Maison Esthetique contest, sent me this photos with her new hairstyle.I couldn't resist not to share them with you.Alexandra agreed and here they are.

I know that I have stylish readers<3>
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Choco Chanel:)

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photographed by Daniel B

>>and pretty please don't use this pics without my permission:)


benefit cosmetics

I made this set a couple of days ago for a Benefit cosmetics contest on polyvore and I actually won.Not the first place,but enough to be happy.There where a lot of pretty sets and my overly pink one was choosen by the Benefit team...I've had a terrible week with college&stuff and this cheered me up.Ok,no more whining,I'm back and running:)

Malene Birger T-shirt
Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan
H&M skirt
French Connection shoes
Lanvin bag


right now

paper tissue

Tomorrow evening I'll have time for everything:)

Links à la Mode


alice dellal style+featured look

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Looklet mag posted an article about Alice Dellal and they've asked me to create a look based on her style.Here's a piece from the post and 2 Alice inspired looks,one for day(the featured one) &night.

"We know Dellal is old news. We know, after a season of designers building their entire collections of her and fellow London it-girls, her style doesn’t surprise as much as it did when we first caught eye on her. But Alice Dellal just can’t seem to stop inspiring us. We love her roughness and seemingly fearless way of life. We too would love to be brave enough to walk down the street wearing nothing but platform shoes and belly tops. Or body-hugging, see through catsuits...."
Read the rest here...

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