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tough choice...

Elle Romania or the Highway Code?
Hmm... a bitt of both of them:)
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Just watched the latest True Blood episode 'Frenzy',a little slow but the ending(as always) was breathtaking.It's cruel to wait 2 weeks for the season finale.

scarlett johansson

8/29/09 Esquire

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elly clay handbags

Elly Clay is the ultimate handbag that women can use daily as they run their busy lives. The bags embody femininity and functionality and are a perfect combination of downtown and chic.

The Elly Clay concept is ,”it’s not just a bag,but a brand” and appeals to those you pay particular attention to details because Elly Clay designers are focused in richness of detail,inovation in design & hardware.
Each handbag is a statement of expression and individuality.

Instead of posting photos with the bags ,I made a set with the ones I like the most.

Chrisy Multifunctional Satchel

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Botas Studded Hobo(my favorite)

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Chainlink Hobo

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Stacey Tasseled Hobo

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Oversized Lace Hobo

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friday photo

enjoy the show, second act:)

Like Alice said,we're becoming sort of AA.Yesterday,me Mina and Alice went to Cafeneaua Actorilor(Actors Cafe),ate some weird looking ice cream and laugh a lot.
The girl are so cute and we had a great time,I can get used to this kind of meetings:)
Anyhow,I'm a little dizzy from to much Redd's and martini so my writing is shitty:)

Enjoy the pics...

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Pnk top,thrifted jacket and pants,hive&co handbag

Mina's headband and epaulets are handmade by Alice.

Links à la Mode

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born to blog

There's a fun contest on polyvore and I wanted to enter.You need to use items from and to name it "Born to...".I had to choose from born to rule the world and born to blog,I don't everybody to know my plans,mwhahahaha:)
This is my first in this style,hope you like it.

Gap bag and jeans
Stella McCarnety Silk Draped top
Juicy Couture laptop bag
Marni oversized sunglasses
Iosselliani bracelet

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C'mon get happy with Gold Saturn

Did you heard about Gold Saturn?David Jon Acosta’s line is funky & fresh and his newest collection is inspired by parisian women.We love Paris,don’t we?

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Designer David Jon Acosta is a free-spirited wild child, and his edgy, chic and quirky Gold Saturn collection reflects just that. From vintage outings as a teen to Key West excursions as an adult, David Jon has always been inspired by his youth, fashion, glamour, everything 1970's, and his hometown of Miami. A true style prodigy, at 24, David Jon is currently establishing Gold Saturn as one of the hottest, fastest-growing collections within the contemporary arena.
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I just love his desinges,the C’mon get happy t-shirt is so funny,I can think about a dozen of ways to wear it.Aww and those hairbands are whimsical,fairy like.

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just enjoy the show

Hey guys!!Like I said,today I met up with Mina from The fabulous girls guide to fashion and with Alice from Dulapul Bunicii,two lovely ladies.
We talk,we dranked mojitos(me&Mina,Alice is the responsible one) and had a great time.We'll meet again.
Some photos of our little meeting.There are to many and I didn't cut my face because I'm tired, so don't be scared:))

This is my Zara outfit,everything from Zara except the top wich is from Promod:)
I think that my skirt is made from curtains...that's why I love it

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laziness and ice frappe

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After a relatively busy week,I took the privilege to do nothing today:)
Being home alone drains my energy:cleaning(again and again and again),cooking&other domestic stuff+my ordinary thingies
Today I'm just laying around,watching tv and browsing the internet.I started my day with an homemade ice frappe and with a photo.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Mina from The fabulous girl's guide to fashion,I'm so excited,now I'm thinking what to wear:)

Urban spark discount

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Hey guys,Nikki from Urban Spark is offering a discount coupon you,use "INMYEYES" to check out for a 10% off.

hearts and roses

My program is messy,I should be more organized and use my time more careful.I started to stick post-its all around my desk so I don't forget to do stuff...

I scored this shirt for about 3$,it's a little to big but I don't mind.And yes,I cut my face again 'cause I had a stupid expression.Everybody has their twitches(if I can say so).

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Also,I managed to break the bags lock,yeeey and it can't be repaired but I still can use the bag.That little detail won't stand in my way.
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Thrifted shirt,Esprit pants,Zara bag&sandals,random pins...

friday photo

dress,pants and knee high boots>>>waiting for autumn

Playing with Looklet.

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Links à la Mode

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  • Ask ThinkThru: – What Can You Wear From the Office To an Event?
  • Betsey J: – Have we become too judgemental when it comes to fashion & style?
  • Bonne Vie: – Fox is doin’ it wrong with new reality show “More to Love”
  • BRICK MY LANE: – 3-in-1 DIYs: Ripping, slashing andd patching everything, rock’n'roll style
  • Broke & Beautiful – International Indie Designers can be found with Novica, plus an opportunity to REALLY make a difference by shopping.
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor – Fed up of emails from big fashion brands demanding interviews, I decided to speak to a young, bright and new designer instead.
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  • pie wacket: – yesterday I worked with Kiehl’s to create a wonderful late summer giveaway and shot an original beauty story to demo the products.
  • Rags to Reverie: – 2 days ago Space 15 Twenty’s Pangaea Pop-Up makes deka ray’s architectural jewelry available for the masses
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  • Unfunded – Unfunded: White Rabbit Inspired Baubles
  • Wit & Whimsy: – First Look: Michael Kors Goes Hollywood Glam with the launch of

Urban giveaway

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If you want to win an Urban Spark necklace from the Jules collection,all you have to do is to be a fashioninmyeyes follower,go to Urban Spark pick the necklace you love, and leave a comment.

The winner will be picked random and announced on august 20 .

Pentru a fi eligibile,trebuie sa urmariti blogul (in dreapta "Stalk me").

Giveaway closed.
Congrats to NYCjuicebox!

around the internet

Sorry for the last days,I've been very busy lately.Here is the first post in the series I was talking about.

by has been recognized as being the best comparison search engine, designed to help consumers doing product research on the web.They have five categories:home&garden,cameras,electronics,clothing,jewelery,health&beauty. Dedicated to the busy shopper, this website pulls items from all the top stores (including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Bluefly, Revolve Clothing and ShopBop) to give shoppers the widest selection possible and so they don't have to hunt around. They have another interesting feature,you can set up your own sale.Pick and choose what brands you want to hear about and you'll get emails updating you on the best finds at the best prices. If you sign up now you'll be automatically entered to win a Prada bag!

Two awesome fashion illustration blogs: and
I can't get enough of them:)

Dream Sequins has an awesome Rock Socks giveaway,the evil sock it's so funny:))
Wanna show your best pout?Go to Mademoiselle Robot for the chance to win an LG GD900. is giving away a $100 Juicy Couture gift card.

ps:tomorrow is the last day to enter my Urban Giveaway,there are lot's of entries but not all valid,so please girls read all the post!

Interview:Avant Gaudy's Deb Umunnabuike,from student to entrepeneur

Avant Gaudy is a chic online boutique, where you can find "vintage modern,modern vintage" clothes and accessories.
I asked Deb Umunnabuike, one of the Avand Gaudy founders, some questions about herself and about Avant Gaudy.

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You are the co-founder of Avant Gaudy,tell us more about yourself.

I'm also a Political Science major at the University of Chicago, so I’ve often got a recent WWD and also something written by Foucault in my purse. My sister, Jessica, and I started Avant Gaudy in the summer of 2005 in order to keep ourselves busy. Beyond that, I really wanted to connect with and impact the lives of those who were as passionate about fashion as we were, and are. An online store seemed like a perfect way to reach fashionistas all over the world.

Why Avant Gaudy and not another name?

Avant Gaudy
is a play off of the word avant garde, which was a movement that embraced forward thinking, literature, art, and fashion. We select clothing that is fashion forward and yet also has a tinge of gaudiness in the sense that an Avant Gaudy girl or guy is both modern and playful.

How do you pick the items for the store?

All items are sourced from across the United States. We have a full-time team of buyers who dedicate themselves to researching trends and matching these trends up with vintage fashion. Our buyers are intuitive and creative – they know a good find when they see one.

What are your favorite pieces on Avant Gaudy right now?
This silver lame dress was featured on NotCouture,as was this vintage Diane von Furstenberg one.Jumpsuits, meanwhile, are on trend right now, and are edgy yet feminine
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What do you love most about fashion?

Fashion allows an ordinary day to be extraordinary. Even if a person does enjoy and choose to follow trends, there's still so much room for individuality. Vintage fashion is the best way to express your individuality – because of its scarcity, every piece is a rare link to the past that fits easily into a modern wardrobe example:

How do you see yourself and Avant Gaudy 10 years for now?

I'd like Avant Gaudy to expand and become even more of an international business than it already has. With the social media explosion, we feel like the time is right to connect with as many people as possible who share our interest in modern vintage. Additionally, I’d eventually like for our brand to serve as a platform for up and coming designers from across the world to showcase their takes on vintage through reconstructions and vintage-inspired looks.

friday photo

Sasha Pivovarova in Vogue Us June 2009 w/ family and various models,
“The Wedding Party” by Arthur Elgort

radiant eclipse

This is what I wore for a little get together with my friends. Notice how my eyes change according to I'm wearing?:)

I get so many emails with different sites that want to be featured on the blog some I like, some I don't,some I'll feature,some I'll won't.
I can't post an article on all so I'm thinking of starting a new category, including giveaways and articles that I recently read & loved.It will be up every Monday or Wednesday.

What do you think?

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I found this so funny,I couldn't resist:)
ps:ignore the background

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Promod top,Esprit pants,thrifted jacket,Parfois shoes and hive&co handbag

Radiant Eclipse(sadic song,love it)
Aww and another thing,I don't know why blogger won't let me comment on some certain blogs,error error error,it drives me crazy. I'll get to everybody eventually:(

Links à la Mode

  • 39th and Broadway – Designer Interview; Delirius
  • A Typical Atypical – The wonderful Every Little Counts! With 15% off for readers!
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  • Market Publique – Art Class: Vintage Abstract Prints
  • midnight feast – The Jean Genie
  • Retro Chick – Win – Reese Witherspoons first fragrance for Avon
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  • Style Gourmand – Ag Kij of Net-a-Porter discusses Net-a-Porter’s new iPhone app and how technology and fashion co-mingle.
  • Style Mom – STYLEMOM holds it down for fashion bloggers as one of the only IFB members at Blogher 2009 in Chicago
  • Stylish Thought – Cats with Style: Boxing Kitten
  • THE COVETED – Mummy Dearest: Iris Van Herpen taking inspiration from the macabre
  • Unfunded – Vintage sequins, sparkles and sprinkles