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10.000 nights of thunder

I kinda neglected the blog lately, due to the lack of time but I have 3 more exams and I finish...yeey

Last night I was caught by a thunder storm,usually I love thunder storms but not when I'm outside.
Have I ever mention that I tend to buy bigger size clothes?
This blue pants are like 2 sizes bigger, I liked the colour so much that I bought them anyway...

Have a great weekend!

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The deserted part of the park...
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friday photo

Garden Couture by Karl Lagerfeld,Vogue Russia.

Links à la Mode

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The fashionup campaign is over and the winner is Dada!
She managed to get a lot of votes.
Congrats to her!

I'm glad that I could participate,it was a fun experience.

one down,five to go

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After weeks and weeks of waiting Harper's Bazaar Romania the summer edition,finally came out.I don't know why they did it trimestrial again,maybe it didn't sold...
Sasha on the cover in Dior Haute Couture,how not to love it?
In other order of ideas,my first oral exam at romanian went very well and I got a good grade,tomorrow english and then the writing admission and after that, freedom:)

I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments on the last post!

This is what I wore on saturday for a walk in the new park in my neighborhood,not really new but "rebuilt".It's so beautiful there, that I can stay all day and not get bored...

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I first discovered Ruche through polyvore,there I saw a lot of pretty cute items and at affordable prices.

Ruche is a modern boutique with a vintage touch.At
you can find an amazing selection of clothes and accessories.

The majority of items are under $50 and if you wanna go green you can choose the
Trendy Organic & Eco- Friendly line.

Check their lookbooks,the photos are wonderful.

A couple a days ago, Mai from emailed me and offered fashion in my eyes reader a 10% discount.Just type in "fashioninmyeyes" at checkout.
The discount is available until August 1.

Street chic: Georgiana

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Georgiana is one of my high school collegues,she always dresses great and today I had the chance to take her photo.

Love her outfit, a mixture of Zara and H&M..

Off topic
Tomorrow my exams start and I'm anxious to finish,4 years of high school sum up in 6 pressure...

friday photo



I was tagged by the lovely Dream Sequins to list 20 of my favorite things...Here it goes...
  1. COLOR – Black,I'm on the dark side:)
  2. DESSERT – Tiramisu ice cream
  3. SMELL – Coffee and Miss Dior Cherie
  4. FLOWER – Tulips all the way.
  5. ANIMAL – Frogs:))Joking,I'm afraid of frogs...
  6. MONTH - Two months,July(it's my birthday) and December(it's cold)...
  7. BEVERAGE - Martini for me...>One martini two martini, three martini floor<>
  8. SHOES - Marni &Louboutins
  9. SNACK - Love love love dim sum
  10. SONG - All time favorite "X.O." by Fall out boy
  11. BOOK – There are many but I love "Jar" and "Adam and Eve" by Liviu Rebreanu
  12. FRUIT – Nectarines...
  13. HAIRSTYLE – Wild:))
  14. PIECE/S OF CLOTHING – My black dresses
  15. STORES TO SHOP – Some awkward shops in my neighborhood,I don't think that they have a name.
  16. SEASON – I'm gonna go with winter,I don't like the heat...
  17. HOBBY –Blogging,reading,badminton and fishing...
  18. THINGS TO COLLECT –Pens,boxes and notebooks....
  19. MOVIE – I don't have a favorite one...
  20. RESTAURANT – My grandma's home cooked meal:)
What are your favorite things?

nothing goes with nothing:)

Lanvin T-shirt
7 For All Mankind Gwenevere skinny jeans
Miu Miu suede cutout sandals
Miss Selfridge bag
Vintage Ted Lapidus glasses
Alexander Mcqueen Crystal-encrusted Skull Ring

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Links à la Mode

the fashionup photoshoot

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As I told some posts ago I was invited to participate at a photoshoot for the campaign its time to FashionUp and I did.
How it was?
It was fun,I was the first arrive and I met some of the Shopping Report team,they were all very nice...
When the clothes arrived I was a little dissapointed because the dress was a size smaller,it fitted but my b***s were all over the place and the wedges that I wanted came 37 and I’m 38.5 so they didn’t fitt...

I must say that I enjoyed the make up part, the most...
Crina from Clarins did my make up and was really interesting to see how she combined all the colors and stuff, it felt like she was painting me,actually that’s what she did.I don t have the patience and knowledge to do an elaborate make up so this was like heaven for me.
Aww and photos,what can I say... in the first one and the main photo for the contest I look like hunchback,I was walking you know?I think I’m funny...
The rest of the photos are the ones that I liked:)
I also met two lovely ladies, Adina Necula and Laura Bucur aka lady pink I wanted to chat more but I had to go to my economy class

You can vote for my outfit on this page titled Denisa(Nookie),
And for my foreign readers click VOTEAZA to vote.Thank you very much!!

The other girls who participated:
DaDa,Diana Bobar, Roxana Radu, Adina Necula, Andreea Molocea, Laura Bucur, Anna from Cinnammon &Coffee, Maria, Ana.

Photography: Mihai Bumbu
Make-up: Crina Popescu and Alina Ilies/Clarins
Hair: Bogdan Stan si Alexandru Oros/Gett’s

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And this is the funniest of them all:)

ohh lanvin

I simply love these t-shirts,especially the first one.


This is what I wore friday.
That ice tea was evil...I was very thirsty,I drank it fast and now I have a sore throat:(

Don't mind my face expression,actually I'm a smiling person, I smile and laugh a lot but not in pictures.

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The shorts are from Debenhams,cape/dress/blouse from Etam(I can wear it in different ways),bag Hive&co and I don't remember from where I bought the sandals...

friday photo

Raquel Zimmerman in Vogue Nippon July 2009, White Wings.


prom pics

I didn't cut my face...
Maybe I should.

Mask like...

The back view of my bun.

The dress and weird face:)

Back to study now...

Links à la Mode

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  • the nerdlings – The photo shoot started off well. But words were spoken that shouldn’t have been spoken and everything else just descended into chaos.

It's time to FashionUp


A couple a days ago, I was invited to participate at a photo shoot for, a romanian shopping mall where you can find a wide rage of products: shoes, dresses, pants, skirts &co.

So tomorow I’ll go to the Shopping Report studio for the photo shoot. I picked to 2 outfits from FashionUp ,now I don’t know which to choose...I’m always...
I think it will be fun, even though I’m not a camera fan,I’ll try to do my best because I’m sure they won’t replace my face with stars:)
There was a lot of controversy around this project,if you want you can read it on DadaMoDa.I agree with her...

The name of the campaign is It’s time to FashionUp and with me will also participate
DaDa,Diana Bobar, Roxana Radu, Adina Necula, Andreea Molocea, Laura Bucur, Anna from Cinnammon &Coffee, Maria, Ana.
The majority have fashion blogs,so enjoy:)

ro events

Vicious Candy
More details on Chotronette.

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Summer Vintage fair

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lucy chadwick and duffy in london

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the selby


I'm so busy right now,there are only 2 weeks left for my exams to start.Lot's of pressure,stress and fear.I guess that it's normal,stress & co, but I feel like taking the next train and go to the beach,swim and lay in the sun,it was to hot yesterday in Bucharest...
Enough about me...

Meet Fifi,she is 2 months old,scared and cute.I don't know that breed she is, but she stays little...
This pic is taken before we took her home(my grandma's) and she is a bitt dirty.
After bathing her she looked like a fluffy fur ball and my camera died, so this is the only pic I have with her...
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And something fashion related...

Cute look via The Sartorialist...

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Fresh cherries from my grandma's garden.

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They are meat free:)

friday photo

Love Makes The World Go Round

whooga boots

Everybody knows ugg boots,no?
Whooga is an Australian company who makes uggs.They are very comfortable,made from sheep skin fibres your feet will stay warm and cozy.
Michael from Whooga made me a surprise and is offering a 30$ discount code to fashion in my eyes reader,just enter FASHIONINM into the cart at checkout.
Aww and if you want to read a really fun opinion about Whooga boots, Lady Melbourne made me laugh.

Whooga weave boots
Rag & Bone Smith Silk Tee
Marc By Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Bag
RICH & SKINNY Devastated Lover Denim Ripped Short
Hard candy heart sunnies

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owl t-shirt

Did I ever mention that I like owls?

Thakoon Bubble Skirt
Dorothy Perkins T-shirt
Mike & Chris Vest
Ella Flat Sandal
Vintage Oversized Clutch from
Burbery Prosum & Asos Bracelets
dVb Tortoiseshell Moulded Frame Sunglasses

Links à la Mode

congrats to...

The winner of the sunglasses giveaway sponsored by The Honey Room is comment number 9.
That's you Mina.Congratulations!


This is my third outfit post.Today was a little cold in Bucharest and I wore a Next dress,Reserved leather jacket and no name oxford booties.
In this photo I was explaining something,economy related(I guess) because I was waiting to go to my economy class,so that is why I have a strange position or so it seems to me.
Now I'm very annoyed,I can't study, my neighbours are distroying walls with the hammer drill...Perfect timing...

How to look great in photos

I find these useful:D

Learn why you look bad in pictures. Look at pictures of yourself and pictures of other people and find out why they look good, and you look bad.

Look good and prepare before taking pictures. Get out clothes that are your favorite and look really good on you. Solid colored shirts usually look the best. Find which colors look best on your skin tone.

Look at many types of hairstyles to see which one suits you the best. If you have a wide face, try wearing your hair down. This will make your face look smaller and prettier. On the other hand, if you have a small face, wear your hair up and out of your face. Bangs can make a high forehead appear smaller.

Clear your skin and look pretty. Wash your face with a pimple fighting cleanser. Then pat dry your skin, and apply a toner. After applying the toner, put on a good moisturizing cream on your face for a fresh look. Apply your make-up as usual.

Good night, and sleep tight. The day before you get your picture taken, make sure you have a good night sleep. If you have dark under-eye circles, then put two slices of cucumber on your eyes. Make sure you're not stressed out, this will lead to ugly pictures.

Be confident about yourself.Make sure you feel proud of who you are. If you feel like you are ugly then you'll appear ugly in the picture. Look at your old pictures of your self and think about the good times back then and look and feel pretty. When you take the picture make sure you smile and look happy. If you fake a smile then you will look really bad. So feel and look happy as well. If you're uncomfortable with your teeth, learn to smile with your mouth closed and 'smile with your eyes.'

Find a good spot to shoot the picture. If you take it in a shady area the picture will look really dark and ugly. On the other hand, if it's too sunny and bright, then the picture will be blurry and hard to see. So get a nice spot to take the picture. Good luck on the picture day!

Find inspiration Find pictures of yourself, friends, or a celebrity that you think look good. What makes them look good? Their pose? Hair? Smile? Imitate it until you achieve your look!
Practice Practice infront of a mirror or a camera. Find free time to sit and pose. During that time, decide what positions you look best in, or what way you want to smile, etc. That way, when the camera comes out at a party, you'll look flawless!

And a video

Sources:unicornology,garance dore,wikihow

I'm gonna try to use the tips because I'm camera shy and I don't look good in photos and not only in photos...:))