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me,me and again me

So these are some photos from Saturday.
I had stuff to do around town(explaining the dress) and after that I met with some friends in the park.

Gabi one of them it's a photographer and took many pictures of us.

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Idil Vice fashion rocks

Idil Vice is a clothing label manufactured and based in in Manhattan, New York since the year 2000. Named after the designer behind the label who is a Swiss Native, born and raised in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Her line, consiting of rock/punk/surf music inspired strapless dresses and printed skirts, can be worn during summer when you want to be comfortable, cool and breezy!

If you don't find your idol between the prints,Idil can make a custom model.
They ship worldwide and you can track your order.Because every item is made when ordered it can take about 2 weeks in order to get your stuff.

Enough said;I want to show you my two favorite pieces from the site.
The Slash skirt because of my new Guns N' Roses obsession.

The Joker dress is hilarious.I can imagine one of my teacher in an exam day wearing one of these or a printed tee.It's genious.

Aww and Idil is offering a 10$ discount to fashion in my eyes readers, just type the code "myeyes" to checkcout.

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Another two pictures with one of the bags.I know!I know!I'm annoying;but I love it so much.

I bought Tabu today for two reasons; first, because it gives a Rimmel nail polish and second, because lasts night funny updates on twitter about Bucharest Fashion Week. Their  marketing works:))

In this picture I was trying to explain to a classmate why Adriana(thanks again) is taking photos of the bag.He had such a confused face...

Btw don't forget about the discount from Hive&Co.

And sorry for the language thingy.I don't have the patience to translate the posts and some will be in english and others in romanian.

bags again

After a really bad day,I was so angry that I nearly punched two girls on the hallway,my bags from Hive&Co arrived.Now I'm calm.

I think that 6 days is a short period,the Royal Mail works fast.At the postal office I was a little shocked because I didn't expect such a big package.The bags were in a big pink box(I'm a sucker for pretty boxes) and they were wrapped in pink paper.

Actually, the wrapping stole my heart and I have fallen in love with my new bags.
Weird..I know..
The Maxi tote is perfect for school because I tend to carry lots of stuff,.The Paloma tote will be worn on special ocassions or maybe not:))

I'm really pleased with the bags,the pictures don't do them justice.

I'm gonna post some more pictures tomorrow, when I'll get the chance to wear one of them.



The lovely Mina from The fabulous girl's guide to fashion send me this questionnaire.

The rules are to respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
I tagg:


What is your current obsession?
twitter and Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses.

What is your weirdest obsession?
I really don't know.

What are you wearing today?
At the moment,some old pants and a Distrigaz T-shirt:)).Earlier I wore black&white dress,oxford booties and a leather jacket.

What’s for dinner today?
I ate the dinner and it was chicken breast with mushrooms.

Why is today special?
Because tomorrow I have a math test and economy tutoring...

What would you like to learn to do?
I only now how to sketch faces...

What’s the last thing you bought?
Navy pants....

What are you listening to right now?
Sweet Child O Mine

What is your favorite weather?
Thunder storm.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate but love this one.

Where do you usually shop?
Debenhmas,Promod,Mini prix,local shops,fairs

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Taking 9+ at the baccalaureate and going to ASE or SNSPA.

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
She has an amazing style.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?

Which language do you want to learn?
Same as Mina >I want to perfect my French.

What do you look for in a friend?
If she/he can understand my stupid sense of humor it's ok.

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
The Proenza Schouler Ps1 bag.

What’s your favorite type of music?
Rock and rock variations.

What’s the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet?
I don't have a favorite piece but I really like a black dress, that I bought from Reserved last week.

What is your dream job?
Actually I'm a little confused right now...

Why did you get into fashion?

If you had $200 now what would you spend it on?
A new phone....

Favorite designers?
Consuelo Castiglioni,Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney.

Fashion pet peeve?

Describe your personal style.
Casual,elegant depends on my mood.

What is the ultimate bag you think every woman should own?
Agree with Mina.
1. Chanel 2:55
2. Hermes Birkin

If you're life would be a movie,what title would it have?
Soc si groaza:))


Hive and Co is offering fashion in my eyes readers a discount.Use the code "Blog” into the voucher redeem section at checkout to get 20% off total purchase.

hard candy

Vroiam sa scriu despre ceva,dar am uitat despre ce din cauza cutremurului.Imi aduc eu aminte:-j

So here is a set

Tricou Marc Jacobs
Pantaloni scurti Sass&Bide
Geanta Jessica Kangan Cushman
Pantofi Gravity Pope
Ochelari cu rame in forma de inima Hard Candy

i have many bags


primul cutremur pe care l-am simtit...

5,3 grade...

friday photo

Julia Dunstall in Elle March 2009, Through The Looking Glass.

Sarah from Rice and Beans vintage

Interview with Sarah Korsiak Cellier owner of Rice and Beans Vintage,a cute online store where you can find vintage and modern designer items.

Tell us about how you started Rice and Beans Vintage?

I have been dealing in vintage & designer clothing for over 7 years. I started while I was in graduate school for Chinese Medicine. I created Rice and Beans Vintage as it is today about 2 years.

Why Rice and Beans Vintage and not another name?

Rice and Beans Vintage is based on my nickname Ms. Rice and Beans. The name Rice and Beans Vintage embodies someone with sass, strength, & creativity!

What designers are you currently selling?Any favorite designers?

At Rice and Beans Vintage I stock the shelves with vintage & current pieces from Chanel, Gucci, Emilio Pucci,Missoni, Christian Dior, St. John, Tory Burch, and many more! I love Vintage Chanel & Vintage Gucci, I have a soft spot for those designers. I do love every piece at Rice and Beans Vintage though, I had pick everything.

How do you pick the items for the store?

I pick items that I love first and foremost. I always look for pieces that will withstand the test of time and remain classic while being current and on point with today's trends.

What are youre favorite pieces on Rice and Beans Vintage right now?

A pair of Vintage 70's Rare GUCCI Black Leather Boots with Gold Horse Bit Detail, A Vintage 70's EMILIO PUCCI Silk Jersey Unique "Southwest Navajo" Print Dress, & a pair Amazing Vintage 70's Wood & Leather Platform Shoes.

Any future plans?

I am looking forward to Rice and Beans Vintage continually growing as it has been. I'd love to work with some of my favorite magazines, & eventually ad a brick & mortar store here in Maine!

Sarah was kind enough to offer an $50 voucher, to a lucky fashion in my eyes reader to spend it on Rice and Beans Vintage.

Click Here For Details.


Sarah from Rice and Beans Vintage is offering a $50 voucher to a lucky reader.
All you have to do is to go to Rice and Beans Vintage,pick an item , tell us how, where & when you’d wear it .Write about your pick in a comment and please leave youre email adress,so that I can email you if you win.
The shop ships worldwide so the contest it's opened to everybody.

The winner will be announced on 8th May.

Sarah de la Rice and Beans Vintage ofera un voucher in valoare de 50$,unui cititor norocos.
Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa alegi ceva de pe Rice and Beans Vintage si sa spui cum,cand si unde l-ai purta.Scrie despre alegerea ta un comentariu si lasa-ti si adresa de mail.

Castigatorul va fi anuntat pe 8 mai.

Hive&Co handbags

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Want a new bag that it’s chic an looks designer expensive but has no sky-rocket price?Take a look closer at Hive&Co.’s spring summer collection which showcases beautiful designs for the most discerning handbag devotees!

Inspired by the current popularity of the designer variety,bags are definitely a must have accessories for every fashionista and not only.

Hive&Co offers good quality at affordable prices and the bags are only available at selected independent retailers.All the handbags are designed in the UK by Hive &Co and you can’t really find them anywhere.They also update the collections with new designs throughout the season.

Choose from soft squashable totes, cute grab bags, colourful Kellys, shiny and exotic shoulder bags, and slender bejewelled clutches.

My personal favorites on the site are the Maxi tote ,because I have a lot of stuff that I carry with me and the Paloma patent tote is very cute with the little buckle on the front.
The delivery period is 2 days and they ship worldwide,mine will arrive next week because Romania is far away…

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eco friendly


easter gifts


Anul asta Iepurasul nu m-a mai ocolit ca in ultimi 4 ani,asa ca a cam recuperat absenta.
Am primit o groaza de chestii,o geaca de piele(intoarsa),o bratara cu pantofi,cateva bluze si multe rochii.

Eu care nu purtam rochii,acum am facut o obsesie pentru ele.Saraca mea mama numai rochii mi-a luat in ultimele zile,cred ca si ea sa saturat de mine.De fapt sunt sigura.

Sunt foarte incantata de o rochia aceasta maxi, chiar daca nu pot sa o port momentan,la vara va fi perfecta.Imi place foarte mult combinatia de imprimeuri,imi aduce aminte de background-ul blogului:))

Ahh si din banii mei(MINUNE) mi-am luat Miss Dior Cherie.Pe langa faptul ca miroase foarte frumos imi place si reclama...

Styleshake>design your own dress

Cum ar fii sa iti creezi singura rochiile?Pe poti face acest lucru.Site-ul iti pune la dispozitie mai multe optiuni in ceea ce priveste tipul de decolteu(daca e cazul),tipul de talie,partea inferioara a rochiei si diferite detalii care fac rochia mai spectaculoasa.
Rochiile incep de la 41 de lire,cam 200 de lei si partea buna este ca trimit si in Romania!!!
Comanda ajunge aproximativ in 10 zile.

Eu acum am zis doar de rochii pentru ca majoritatea au banchetul de sfarsit de clasa a 12 a si multe fete m-au intrebat de rochii,dar poti sa comanzi si fuste sau topuri.


One of my favs!


Bluza Celine
Fusta Missoni Lilia
Pantofi din satin
Geanta Chanel
Ochelari Asos
Curea Topshop

Paste fericit!


friday photo

Abbey-Lee Kershaw in Vogue Australia May 2009, And God Created Woman.


French Elle covers

Opt celebritati europene apar pe copertile revistei Elle,editia franceza."Stars sans fards" le prezinta pe staruri,printre care Monica Bellucci,Eva Herzigova si Sophie Marceau fara machiaj si neretusate.

Fotografiile au fost realizate de Peter Linderbergh iar editorul revistei Isabelle Maury a spus ca Linderbergh a fost singurul care le-a convis pe doamne sa pozeze asa.

Mie mi se pare o idee foarte buna si mi-ar placea sa fie preluata si de o revista din Romania.
Sunt chiar curioasa cum ar arata anumite doamne de la noi "all natural" deoarece Monica Bellucci,Eva Herzigova si Sophie Marceau arata extraordinar.


Susan Boyle

Don't judge a book by its cover!

Links à la Mode

shoes again

So these are my new shoes.
Am vrut sa am ocazia sa ii port ca sa le fac poza,de purtat i-am purtat dar nu puteam sa fac mai multe poze ca se uita lumea ciudat la mine.

Azi am fost la film,daca e miercuri e Orange film.Pot sa spun ca Vicky,Cristina Barcelona e un film superb,superb pentru ca a fost filmat in niste locatii uimitoare si mai este si cu Javier Bardem.Pe de alta parte,finalul a fost neasteptat si nu intr-un sens bun(pt mine).

Sa revenim la pantofi,cred ca sunt singura mea pereche mai colorata adica restul sunt variatii de negru si maro.I-am luat pentru ca mi-a placut combinatia de culori si pentru ca sunt T-bar.
Sunt foarte confortabili,am mers destul de mult pe jos si nu am avut nici o problema.

the godfather/vogue us

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic