Last week the courier brought me a little surprise from Rimmel & Douglas Romania, the new Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara. What's so wonderful about it? The fact that it contains argan oil to protect your eyelashes while making them look fuller. I for one, love argan oil on everything, my hair, my skin and recently, in my salad. It's delicious! 
Also, love the brush, makes the mascara super easy to apply.
The effect? Indeed, your eyelashes will look fuller in a discrete and natural way, but you can see that for yourselves.

Untill August 16 you can preview & try the new Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara in Douglas stores!



#iwasveryfocused #idonothaveasquarebottom 

A couple of weeks ago, Miss Koko asked me if I wanna try Alternative Fitness with her, and because  I do love to try new things, I said yes. 
What's Alternative Fitness? The concept is based on the miha bodytec device. Conceived as a modular system, all the muscle groups from head to toe can be individually activated: the functional vest contains electrodes in the areas of the upper and lower back, abdomen and chest. The hip belt stimulates the gluteal muscles, and the arm and leg pads activate the arm and leg muscles in their entirety. Available in various sizes, the functional vest guarantees a highly precise fit. Belts with quick fastener systems feature extremely comfortable use.
At this point, I can't do the amount of sport that I want, only three times a week, so incorporating 6 hours of fitness in 20 minutes sounds really good to me.

Yesterday was the first session,  which was awesome, hard and fun at the same time, but you know, no pain, no gain. Koko went first and I made fun of her, yeah, I'm that kind of friend... and then, it was my turn. Because I'm a creep, asked to work certain muscles and didn't complain enough at the beginning   the workout became a little hard after some while, but endurable.
Now, I expected  a sore from hell today, it didn't kick in yet, but I was already sore... I'm always sore, ha!

It may be placebo, or I'm might just be plain crazy but my arms are a little more toned. 

Seven more session to go, will keep you posted. In the meantime, you can find out more info here.



See, I wear colorful clothes too, ha!
No seriously, black is a choice, but when I saw this fuchsia frock Kiki surprised me with it, I was like, hell yeah, I'm wearing this to the wedding. No, I didn't blend in :)
Stepped out of my dark comfort zone, if you can call it that way. 
Life is a string of choices, wearing a black or fuchsia dress, changing your job, getting married, whether you stay or you go and so on. Sometimes, luck kicks in, and makes everything easier. You're lucky that you made  the right choice. 
I feel that I'm not making any sense.

Still, the choices you make shape your reality! And the reality is that I'm wearing a fuchsia dress... I'm such a deep and thoughtful person :))))))))))

Ok, I'm done..

KIKI DUMITRESCU DRESS ( actually I'm wearing two dresses)
PIXIE SHOES CUSTOM MINT SANDALS ( I wanted a model without an ankle strap)



I've never been big on birthdays, maybe when I was a kid, but today I'm adding another year to the bunch. Which is fun and to be sincere a little bit scary, but about that another time.

CONDUR by alexandru kicked off the sales season and is offering one of you your favorite pair of shoes from the section. Aaand the rest who will leave a comment will receive a 50RON coupon to use on the new collection.

What you have to do:

  1.  Like the official CONDUR by alexandru Facebook page
  2. Share the contest, here's the link.
  3. Go here, pick a pair of shoes and leave the link in the comment section.
Giveaway ends on July 31, good luck!

Again, everyone who enters will automatically receive a 50RON coupon!

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