5 Fun & Lovely Gifts Ideas

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This is not a gift guide, I repeat, this is not a gift guide. Well, just a couple of fun items I stumbled upon. 

A Grumpy Cat calendar! I'm not a cat lady in general but everybody loves Grumpy Cat.

Colorful playing cards from Fredericks And Mae.

Kate Spade Square Gift Box, how lovely is it?

And if you wanna go for a more traditional gift, go for a watch.
I already received my DW watch and they have free shipping worldwide.
Enter code "denisaluntraru" on http://www.danielwellington.com for a 15% discount on your order ❤


Experienta Mea cu St.Dalfour + Concurs


Vreau sa va povestesc de niste gemuri bune rau dar, inainte, spuneti-mi daca ati profitat de Black Friday? De ce? Aaa pai, eu cred ca anul asta am exagerat putin, de unde pana acum nu mi-am comandat nimic, am zis sa recuperez... Am  luat o parte din cadourile de Craciun, mi-am reinoit garderoba de iarna am mai luat niste prostiute de care nu am nevoie, you know the drill. Da, da,da stiu, smart shopping, de asta intrebam daca ati profitat de reduceri.

Asa, daca tot mi-am spalat marturisit pacatele, ma simt mult mai bine acum, pana o sa imi verific soldul, vreau sa va povestec mai mult despre St. Dalfour si despre problema mea vesnica cu micul dejun. Well, s-a cam rezolvat acum.

What do I mumble about? Nu stiu daca am mai scris pe blog, mai mult ca sigur ca da,  sunt mereu in pana de idei pentru micul dejun. Am mancat atat de mult avocado incat trebuie sa iau o pauza.
Daaaar, da exista un dar, am descoperit gemurile St. Dalfour si diminetile imi sunt mult mai dulci, ha, pun intended. Sa va spun un mic secret, nu prea ma dau in vant dupa gemuri in general pentru ca mi se par mult prea dulci, majoritatea exagereaza cu zaharul ( da, chiar si bunica), and my sweet tooth nu e chiar atat de sweet, se pare. 

So, de cand am descoperit gemurile St. Dalfour, bine, mai repede spus de cand m-au descoperit ele pe mine, am incercat o groaza de combinatii cu gem. The best part? Sunt naturally sweet,  deoarece zaharul utilizat in mod traditional este inlocuit cu zaharul din fructe(suc concentrat). Healthy stuff, nu? In plus, au o textura foarte misto, silky smooth si da, sunt extra yummy.
M-am rasfatat cu mango&ananas, 4 fructe, cirese negre & capsuni. Preferatul meu a fost cel cu mango & ananas, it figures, l-am combinat cu putin ovaz & iaurt, care dupa sala parca te unge pe suflet. Bine, acum si cel de cirese negre cu putine nuci & un pahar de vin, este ahhmazing.

Da, dupa cum puteti bine observa nu m-am limitat doar la micul dejun daca vorbim despre gemuri sanatoase fara zahar. Gem de capsuni cu branza calcica? Yum, yum, yum,  mai ales cand iti e pofta de ceva dulce.  

Unt, gem 4 fructe & paine prajita? Delicios si fara complicatii! Mda, gata, ma duc sa imi mai fac o portie... Shhh, don’t tell!
Gemurile St. Dalfour vin in doua game, clasic & exotic... Gama clasica contine gem de 4 fructe, caise, capsuni, cirese negre, zmeura, afine, iar cea exotica portocale & ghimbir, mango & ananas, smochine, zmeura & rodie.

Ahh, nu v-am spus de concurs.  

Ce sortiment St. Dalfour din Gama Exotic v-ar placea sa incercati, si de ce? Va spun eu, cel de mango & ananas este divin dar lasati un comentariu cu alegerea voastra.

Ce castigati? O cutie cu 5 sortimente St.Dalfour sa va rasfatati si voi ca si mine...

Nu uitati, sharing is caring!  Aveti o saptamana la dispozitie, iar castigatorul va fi ales prin random.org. Premiul va fi expediat doar pe teritoriul Romaniei. 


The Perfect Shade of Nude Comes from Collistar

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I'm gonna start by telling you that my selfie game is very low this period, mainly because I didn't practice enough lately, ha.
Plus, beauty related photos are the death of me, seriously...

I had my fair incursion through the world of nude lipsticks, this past year about 5 nude lipsticks came to my life, which by my means is a lot. Why? Because I couldn't find the one, you know that perfect shade that complements your features and makes you feel awesome? Yes, yes, that one. For a person that wears mainly bright colors on her lips,  the perfect shade of nude is a tricky thing... Alas, I found it!
Rosetto Vibrazione di Colore in Biscotto from Collistar is the one, I just looove it.
The formula combines the colour intensity of a lipstick with the extraordinary shine of lip gloss. Though, it isn't as shiny as a lip gloss, which for me it's a plus.  The texture is rich and quite hydrating, the Vitamin E protects your lips and keeps them young. 

Did you find your perfect shade of nude lipstick?

Aww and do check out their new Camouflage Concealer also, amazing!!!

Winter Wishlist, Things I Wanna Get My Hands On

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Let me start by saying that besides wanting, I do really need the following things and a full snowboarding equipment, but hey I will get them all, at some point in the near future.

What's with the snowboarding equipment? Well, 'cause I'll go to Austria for the New Year's to party on the slops, ha! Yes, yes, I'm a very happy panda to say so.

I had a pair of Emu  boots on my wishlist also but I ordered me a pair last week,  they should arrive today. Will share them on instagram later.
First and foremost, I have my eyes on a pair of Rag & Bones jeans, they are called The Legging in Night and you can find them on Paulie Clothing's Women's Designer Jeans section.

Also,  I've fallen   in love with these Halston Heritage Jennifer suede knee boots, aren't they gorgeous? I do need a pair of suede knee boots, I really do, seriously, why don't you believe me?

Aww, and a winter coat, this one is a must because I don't wanna freeze or walk around in my future snowboarding jacket, ha! Love that Rag & Bone Sullivan Wool Military Coat in Salute one. Developing a bit of an obsession with Rag & Bone it seems.

So, what do you have on your wishlist?  For me, this is just the beginning though...
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