Treat yourself with a Bio Sculpture Gel manicure

...and get a complete treatment for your nails also!
I've postponed going to 1Concept for a Bio Sculpture Gel manicure for about two months, but I finally got the chance to go this week. What can I say, I'm mesmerized. Other than the fact that the whole process is very relaxing, at least for me, I love having my nails done, the gel doesn't damage your natural nails but nourishes and enhances them.
Bio Sculpture is the only nail care company worldwide to receive a 5 star safety rating for tolerability and efficacy. There is no abrasive preparation, no priming or dehydration and very minimal buffing so the natural nail should not be dehydrated or damaged.
Pretty cool, no?
I've picked a beautiful petrol blue shade, Corina worked wonders and she is super sweet!

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Postcards from London

It's peculiar how a couple of days in a different city can have quite an influence on you.
After five days spent in London, four of them working, I came back with a longing to visit the city again and a wind of change.

By wind of change I mean a desire to focus more on what's important for me at this point in my life.
Anyway, the architecture in London is mesmerizing, perfectly aligned! Had the chance to wonder around other parts of the city, not only the centre, and all the time I was like, aww, this is beautiful, that is beautiful, everything is beautiful!

And yeah, I got me a pair of Nike Air Force One trainers. * wink *


Cosmetic surgery is losing popularity, but which are the most common?

Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries for UK Women

The numbers of UK women undergoing cosmetic surgery are falling according to recent stats from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS). The UK’s leading experts in cosmetic surgery law, Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors, brought these figures to our attention. BAAPS represent the majority of private health cosmetic surgeons and they claim that plastic surgery in the UK fell in popularity by 9 percent overall in 2014 with some categories actually decreasing by over a quarter.
However while there has been a definite decline in the figures, cosmetic surgery for British women is still extremely popular with over 40,000 surgical procedures performed last year.

 So what are the most popular cosmetic surgeries right now? 

Breast Augmentations
Breast enlargements are still the number one cosmetic procedure for women but they’re not as popular as they once were. There was a definite droop in their numbers in 2014, with 23% fewer operations than the previous year. Perhaps impacted by the PIP breast implant scandal which affected thousands of patients, women seem to be much more cautious now when it comes to boob jobs. 
Eyelid Surgery 
Blepharoplasty or surgery to remove excess skin and fat from around the eyes was level with the previous year. That’s pretty good compared to the overall declining results. A more subtle surgery than many of this year’s declining procedures, eyelid surgery is definitely more of a tweak than a tuck.
Face/Neck Lifts:                    
This category combines both face lifts and neck lifts and was one of the winners in the figures by moving on up. The increase fits snugly with this new trend of understated anti-ageing surgery among UK women.            
Breast Reductions
Trading down in breast size was also on the up in 2014. A desire for the more natural look trending among celebrities at the moment has definitely influenced these curtailed body curves. One thing is for sure the fuller-figured celebrity is on the way out.
The fifth biggest cosmetic surgery in the UK also saw the biggest rise in popularity. Liposuction pulled itself up by an impressive 10 percent compared to last year and into the top five for the first time in the last ten years. Women favoured surgical liposuction as the backlash against the mostly ineffective non-surgical options for fat removal appeared to continue. 

Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors provided the statistical information for this post. If you want to find out more about cosmetic surgery negligence, then go to https://www.cosmeticsurgerysolicitors.co.uk/ or call on 0808 256 9318.

photos; Masha Voronina Tush Winter


Rimmel ScandalEyes XXtreme Day & Night

Sleep has been a privilege lately as I’ve been working like crazy. No, I’m not complaining, I’m just building a back story for what I’m about to tell you.

I do my makeup on the run and my go to look for the day is foundation and mascara which goes perfectly with my casual looks. Because my daily outfits lately have been very casual and laid, back, more than usual. Jeans, chambray shirt and sneakers aaaand my new See by Chloe city bag. ScandalEyes XXtreme mascara from Rimmel London has been my trusty sidekick for the past 2 weeks. It gives volume and definition to my eyelashes and the special brush gives a glam touch to the natural look of the lashes.

And for the evening, just add dramatic eyeliner and a little bit of contouring alongside ScandalEyes XXtreme mascara and your are ready to go.
I have thing for bralettes and pencil skirts for quite some while now and dots, ohh, I so love dots. Yes, for fun nights, I say yes to pencil skirts and bralettes .

What are your go to looks for day and night? Send your fashion collages that include the ScandalEyes XXtreme  in a private message on the GET THE LONDON LOOK fb page. I’ll pick my favourite 5 sets which will receive the named mascara for themselves. You have untill February 11, good luck!
Congrats: Sarolta Kavasi, Claudia Simion, Ioana Gheorghita, Cristina Gireada, Mihaela Gheorghe.