5 things I learned this week #2

If you follow me on instagram ( @denisaluntraru ) or on facebook you already now that my absence from the blog was due to a trip to the Netherlands, which was awesome. But more on that in another post, as soon as I sort the pictures.

I might do this kind of posts from time to time, I'm know you enjoyed the last one so I hope you'll enjoy this one too.

  1. Fear is just a product of the mind. You can control any fear you might have if you put your mind to it. Unless we're talking about frogs, frogs are evil.
  2. If you surround yourself with amazing people you'll have an amazing time.
  3. You always have to work for what you want and things will come into place, Actually, I learned this quite a few years ago.
  4. Some things really do happen for a reason. 
  5. Accept the things you can't change and move on.


How to get in shape fast with Alternative Fitness

The time has come to tell you the results after eight sessions of Alternative Fitness, you can read the my first impression here.
First off all, I'm writing this kinda sore after today's workout, why? Because last two sessions I did the anti-cellulite program and today I switched to my first love, the toning one. Yeah, that soreness came when I met Andreea.
There are two types of programs available, the toning and the anti-cellulite one. 
As I told you before Alternative Fitness uses the miha bodytec device which is a  modular system, that individually activates all of your  muscle groups from head to toe, but not in a superficial way but in a deep one and there are two types of programs available, toning and  anti-cellulite.
Working out 2-3 times a week and still getting sore almost every time after Alternative Fitness. Being sore is great, because it means the training really works and pushes you over your limit. Ok, Andreea is to blame for all my pain. Yes, I know you are reading this and I'll pay for it next week! *Muah*

Andreea, our trainer, mine and Miss. K's,is a professional athlete, rugby player, bob and skeleton rider, she's been in the national team and she really knows her s**t. 

No workout is the same as the last and every session Andreea is there to tell you what to do, if not her, then Vlad, her brother, which is also a trainer at Alternative Fitness. 

For me it worked wonders, I lost 4 kg, lower overall bodyfat,  my legs are more toned, I have guns now, my booty is rounder and my abs look amazing. After the fourth session you really see the results. Awww, and my crappy back doesn't hurt that much anymore, Andreea is a physiotherapist also.
Alternative Fitness was a great motivator for me to start eating more clean, which I did for about 2 months, now I went a bit off the rails but I'm getting back on track. Still have to work on that pesky muffin top but I have to stop with the cupcakes.

The Alternative Fitness experience comes with a lot of side perks as Andra, one of the managing partners, which btw has an amazing style,  is vegetarian and knows a lot of yummy vegan restaurants + tips. Let's not forget about the special discounts to the healthy restaurants you receive as a Alternative Fitness client.

Plus, it's super fun! 

You burn 600 to 1000 calories and do 6 hours of fitness in 20 minutes. So, don't get fooled by the photos, these were just taken for this post, you sweat like there's no tomorrow and exercises are not that camera friendly.  
Yes, Alternative Fitness rocks especially if you don't have time to properly work out.

Keep an eye on the blog for ehhm, you'll see! *wink*

I'm officially 22 kg down from when started my weight loss journey... 

Aww and for daily motivation, check Alternative Fitness on facebook!


Rowenta Volum'24 Respectissim Review

Rowenta launched last month a new "toy", VOLUM'24 RESPECTISSIM which ads guess what, volume to your hair from roots to ends that lasts all day long. Pretty cool, right?
The new Volum'24 has joined my Rowenta rotating brush a couple of weeks ago and I've been using ever since.
Before telling you my experience with the volumizer, let me include a couple of product details.
For a glamorous look it has a heated ceramic roll that acts as a hair setter for volume from roots to ends, so the result lasts from morning till night. With an express use, it works over all the hair in record time and at 170°C, the hair is not damaged and volume is  maximum.
And more:
  • ​Ultra Shine Nano Ceramic coating
  • Care temperature : 170°C
  • Thermo protect
  • Ion generator
  • Quick heating (60’’)
  • On/off
  • Lock system
  • Rotary cord & hanging loop
  • Color : White / pink / purple
  • Quick Start Guide and demo video available
As for how I worked with it, the product is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of the steps, this video helps, and it takes me from 5 to 10 minutes to go through all my hair. Depending on the length of your hair it may take you less. I have long fine hair without no decent volume of it's own, so Rowenta Volum'24 Respectissim worked wonders for me. 

I used in two instances, after I already straighten my hair with the rotating brush and without prior use of appliances. It's easier to use after you straighten your hair, divided with the hair clips that came in the package, and the result is better.
It may be so because when I didn't use the rotating brush I didn't use a simple brush either, yes, I don't usually brush my hair. 
Another thing, hair has volume the next day also and looks quite great, see below.
You've already seen  these photos here, but the second picture is how my hair looks like after using Rowenta Volum 24'.


Bio goodies and what to do this weekend!

Happy Friday, darlings! Want to do something cool and uber healthy this week? Besides working out and eating greens? I know you do! Try the V for Verde fair at Casa Universitarilor, Sunday & Saturday. There will be many fun activities. I'll include them at the end of the post,  and you'll find a lot of bio goodies, cosmetics & food.

I had the chance to try a couple of selected products from some of the expositors, and with this occasion I found the best eye cream ever from Raftul cu Miresme, and I really mean the best.

I tried my fair share of creams and co, but this contouring cream is something special, based on oils and with a light texture that when applied on skin turns into a liquid, water like one. I've been using  it  for about three weeks but I started to notice the difference right the next day, the skin is soft and so light to the touch ( I don't have my words with me this time).  It's simply amazing and I urge you to try it along with the brightening cream also from Raftul cu Miresme. Now I'm starting to understand the fresh face concept better.
I didn't try the massage oil, because one lazy panda, but it smells divine. Also, with a divine fragrance is the deeply moisturizing & nourishing Kivvi Body Marmalade, orange and vanilla, actually quite yummy, with a great texture, exactly like marmalade.

The reinvigorating Deja Vu natural soap does exactly that, because all of the lemons, oranges and goji berries in it. 

So yeah, here's the program and visit their fb event page for more info.