That time I made me an engagement ring

You know, just in case!
Koko is telling me to stop joking because people think I'm serious, heh!

This week I accepted Assamblage's invite to find out more about contemporary jewelry and try my hand at it.
Precious stones, fire & co, yes, please!
My taste jewelry is pretty minimal so I went for amethyst with silver. Let me tell you that I just assembled the pieces and I found it quite hard, maybe because I have some issues with patience. Andreia Popescu was the patient one, guided & helped me through all the steps.
Anyway, it was a fun process and I love the result. Which is, an asymmetric minimal "engagement" like ring.

With Gabi Urda listening carefully...

Also, this weekend takes place A journey though the history and future of jewelry at Galateca part of Romanian Design Week. There will be 44 Assamblage students with their designs and an amazing jewelry installation. 
More details here.


Curator for Intel & Lenovo

Well, I have exciting news! I'm part of an awesome project from Intel and Lenovo for Romanian Design Week that will take you through the most iconic moments of Ro's Fashion History.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a curator and I'm on video also, first one in 7+ years of blogging if I may say. Yes, I know video is the future but wait until you listen my voice... And I seem so calm and serene, at least that's what people who saw it already said, ha! Appearances, appearances..

When Intel and Lenovo asked my talk about an iconic moment/ character / design for the #intelandlenovoforfashion , Leny Caler came to mind. She was an actress, muse and "jewel" of the interwar  period. She inspired works of Camil Petrescu, Mihail Sebastian, Tudor Musatescu and even Tudor Arghezi wrote stellar reviews about her. Aww and she toggled the diva and tomboy styles...

Anyway, watch the video below which you can go see at Hanul Gabroveni, and after you see it go check out the product design galleries, amazing! 

Tomorrow is the proper launch of the project at 10 am, again at Hanul Gabroveni, so if you wanna come join me, let me know, it will be fun!

Discover more iconic moments curated by Ana Morodan (anamorodan.com), Ovidiu Muresanu (ovidiumuresanu.com) Alina Gherghe (Imalintz.com), Ioana Liliana Gheorghe (fashezine.com), Liana Popa – (avetisiperoz.ro), Ioana & Claudiu (mauvert.com) & Gabriela Atanasov (sweetpaprika.ro) on Intel's Youtube Channel and seriously, come see us tomorrow or until Sunday.


#DIYHairstyling with Nivea

Ohh, hey, yeah, I'm alive! Aww, and learned to do a super fun hairstyle with just an elastic and you can do it to.
Where? Well, in a fun workshop organized by Nivea where a lovely Gett’s Color Bar senior hairstylist demonstrated a couple of easy dos for summer.
I went for the tuck and cover style because it seem the most simple from the bunch and I nailed it. Super happy with the result and can't wait to try it again.

This is how it's done:
step by step here

And here's a fun video from the workshop, I'm in there somewhere :)