How to be a summer muse with Vogue Eyewear

I don't know about you, but I'm forcing spring, maybe that's why I had a slight cold, and I'll start forcing summer soon enough.
Especially now as I have new awesome sunnies from Vogue Eyewear, which I absolutely adore.  Their Muse is Adriana Lima  this season, now look how gorgeous is she in the Vogue Eyewear 2015 campaign.
Ok, here are 5 tips to become a summer muse:
  • smile, a lot, it makes your eyes sparkle 
  • enjoy the little things summer brings.... sunshine, badminton, concerts, popsicles and more...
  • go for a road trip with friends and organize a picnic or outdoor party
  • wear flowers in your hair and drink fruity cocktails :)
  • aaand get yourself a pair of Vogue sunglasses to complete the look * wink *
So, any tips on becoming a summer muse just like Adriana?

And how cool are these?
Aww and my lovely sunnies...


WOW Care from Nivea

Last week, Nivea launched a new revolutionary face and body lotion, Care, which hydrates the skin without the oily sensation that usually comes afterwards.
Based on a revolutionary patent-pending technology, crystal moisturizing formula dispersed in a gel-cream texture,  the intense hydrating lotion instantly blends into skin. 
I had the chance to try it over the weekend and Nivea Care is  perfect both for face and body, leaving your skin hydrated and with a refreshing feel to it.
Indeed, WOW :)

 Ohh, hello, Catrinel Menghia! 


Braun House of Beauty and The New Silk-epil 9

Braun launched the new Silk-epil 9 epilator and new Braun Face brushes and the Power Perfection hair driers in a dreamy location. A beautiful apartment with each room dedicated to Beauty, hair, make up and style.
The event was super fun as Irina, which I adore, talked about key trends and invited us to create the perfect dress to show off our legs this season.
So, we went for asymmetry and fringes.

Cutting fringes isn't what we do best, but all in all I think the dress kinda looked awesome.

Yeah, I was on the floor doing God knows what!
I didn't want to participate at first because I'm not really good at anything DIY like, but then I got my hands on the scissors * insert evil laugh here*...
Really loved how the neckline came out.

Some snaps from the beautiful location.

Also, the new  Braun Silk-epil 9 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator comes with a 40% wider head  for faster epilation and MicroGrip tweezer technology - It covers more skin with each stroke for a faster epilation process and an improved beauty routine. The improved tweezer geometry removes more hair in one stroke, even the shortest hair (0.5mm) that wax cannot catch.

Nina Ricci - L'EXTASE

Ochii lor se intersectează.

Ea nu își ascunde interesul.

Țesăturile foșnesc.

Trupurile se tensionează.

O mână se întinde.

O dorință arzătoare invadează simțurile și preia controlul.

Aroma erotismului plutește în aer.

Chiar aici.

Chiar acum.

Se sărută pasional.

Ușile se deschid și ea iese.

Oare a visat?

A fost o fantezie?

Nici nu mai conteaza.

A experimentat extazul: L’Extase.  

L’Extase by Nina Ricci