Monday ramblings and an awesome place

Happy Monday, lovelies! I'm on my second coffee and it's only twelve, hence all the energy, iaaai.
How was your weekend? Mine was, ehhm, intense, with lots of wine and good friends. Still not finished celebrating my birthday, ha.

Other than my slight hungover and weird amount of energy I wanna tell about a new awesome place in town for Sunday brunches, casual evenings with friends or for whatever reason you want to go out.
I had the chance to try their menu a couple of weeks ago and visited again because there was a certain dish on mind that I wanted to try.

Before we get the to the food, let me tell you the design is more than dreamy, see a little sample below, aww, the tableware, the tableware likewise. No, I didn't leave with a plate in my bag.

First time, I went for bruschetta, which were delicious, I think quite the best I had until now, maybe because of the mix different types of tomatoes, yumm, nom, nom. Aww, and a cup tiramisu, which was just right.

Though, the eggs pomodoro are simply divine, I craved them for some time before going back to Social 1, and when I finally tried them, wasn't disappointed. 

Yeah, I'm a foodie but you knew that already!


5 pieces of advice for 5 years ago me

The lovely Floria will be 5 on the 18th of July and I'll 25 tomorrow, so happy birthday to us. A quarter life crisis is sneaking up on me but nothing on that in this post, I promise.
Floria is celebrating  with a fun tag, 5 pieces of advice for 5 years ago you, I was a fresh twenty year old five years ago.

So, these go to the 20 year old me.
  1. The most important advice I can give to you is to let people go easier and stop stressing about it. You're still struggling in some cases but trust me, do it!
  2. Go to the gym, contrary to what you  believe right now, you'll absolutely love it and it will become a little obsession. Aww, and do squats, they'll come in handy, *wink* No, you still can't run, sorry to break to you.
  3. The other day I saw a couple of portraits taken for your future braces, yeah you'll get braces and other stuff, it will be a long process but I know you'll have patience and it will worth it. What I was about to say, oh yes, CHANGE YOUR EYEBROWS. I know you think they are awesome and everybody says that too, but they are all lies, lies, I'm telling you! 
  4. Stick to your gut, always, hear me, always!
  5. And last but not least have more patience, everything will fall into place.

That was it. Thank you Floria for the beautiful white roses and for the tag! Koko, I'm giving this one to you because if you remember, we met 5 years ago. 

Yes, the picture above is 20 year old me, I think that is what I wore on my birthday that year :)

If you wanna try your hand at the tag, please do.


Three tips to help you cook more

This week was marked by my cooking abilities, first Koko with her fail in the kitchen article and yesterday... well, yesterday something funny happened.

What? A neighbor asked me why do I order take out so much? My reaction? Major poker face! Say what? People keep tap on that... those, pesky, pesky neighbors...
Anyways, I answered that sometimes I do not have time to cook... this none of your business, no I kept this one to myself ... 

Though, I do enjoy to cook for time to time, it's not something I do on a daily basis, and when I cook or prepare something, it usually involves avocado. Yeah, I love avocado and you can't eat as it is, you need to do something with it. Ohh, and salads, and sometimes rice with different toppings, stir fry, pasta and other things.  Yeah, I consider making a salad cooking!

There is a major improvement in my cooking skills and the amount of time I spend in the kitchen.  Still, with all the ordering and eating out, this year I cooked more than last 3 combined, yes. Now, I am the last person encouraging you to spend time in the kitchen, trust me, really, trust me; but if you are trying to eat healthier or let's say have a more balance diet, you have to cook, unfortunately. I do prefer eating out and ordering, but that's a bit tricky.  

So, here are three tips that helped me put a little extra effort in cooking.

  1. Following a lot of cooking blogs even if only for the inspiration.Some of my favorites are HalfBakedHarvest, BloggingOverThyme + DollyAndOatmeal 
  2. Create a Pinterest board for all the recipes you plan to try, Pinterest always comes in handy with everything. 
  3. Buy a bunch of cute kitchen tools and tableware, this works wonders for me. For cooking and working out, ahahaha. Also, if you happen to renovate your kitchen, I suggest go for a bit of color as you'll feel inspired to spend more time cooking, ha! I'm particularly loving these bright and colorful Lem's kitchens.  Though, if you are not one to love color, go for the details. An orange cabinet, a fun wallpaper or mix matched chairs.
See, neutral kitchen furniture paired with and awesome wallpaper with a touch of turquoise. Doesn't it look awesome?
What's your fav one? 
Pssss.... Until the 16th of August, Lem's has a 40% off sale! They have stores all around the country and the products are made in RO.

Any extra tips? Do share them.


A Framboise Vacation

 Last week, on a sunny afternoon I went to the Atelier Framboise's showroom to meet the two lovely ladies behind the label and check out their new collection.
The new Framboise collection was inspired by those moments absolute serenity found  in the unplanned midsummer vacations. The pieces feature diaphanous, feminine and fluid design nuances and natural fabrics, silk, organza  and cotton.

Now, the pieces are really lovely with a fabulous vacation vibe and below I picked a couple of my favorites, which you can find online at framboise.ro or in selected shops throughout the country.
Well, besides the beautiful silk top above that came home with me.

Fiji dress // Maldives dress // Santorini dress // Bali dress