My Spring Uniform

A couple of weeks ago, in search of the perfect slouchy pants for running errands around town I came across these gorgeous pinstripe ones from Zara, which I immediately bought.  My hips are more than happy in them, if you have wide hips and slightly narrow waist you know what I'm talking about. 

I mostly wore them with plain v-neck t-shirts and my new Converse All Star Ox leather sneakers from JD Sports in love with them.  Love JD Sports, bought me a pair of Nike Air Force 1 trainers when I was in London. I'm developing and obsession with white trainers, can you observe that?

Pss, what do you think about bucket bags? I find them awesome and quite practical.

So, yeah, that's what I wanted to tell you today. Now, what's your spring uniform?


Les Parisiennes of Pixie Shoes

Pixie Shoes just launched their Spring 2015 collection, Les Parisiennes, and it's easily in my top 3 of theirs. Why? Because of the relaxed assuming of minimalism and understated luxury inspire by the elegance, grace, sophistication and, in the same time, of Parisian women.
The spring collection by Pixie Shoes was dedicated to Paris and to all the chic parisiennes, who were their muses.
See my favorite 3 pairs below and check the entire collection here.


Come meet me in Plaza Romania

And do a bunch of other fun stuff... 
So, this weekend I'll be in Plaza Romania from între 15:00 to 18:00 pm at their Beauty Tunnel talking about trends. Now, if you wanna, we can talk about something else too * wink *.
Besides that, hairstylist Sorin Papacioc and make-up artist Corina Br─âilescu, will be there to pamper you with free hair and make up sessions. Pretty, cool, no?
After, there will be a lifestyle workshop with Cori Gramescu and four fashion conferences with Fundatia Calea Victoriei. For the entire program do clicky here,
So, waiting for you Saturday and Sunday too!


A bunch of selfies from the Lenovo Tech Brunch

As I am waiting for my salad to arrive, yes, I came to a point that I'm ordering salad now.. Let's see how much that lasts. I remembered the veggie pasta I feasted upon at the Lenovo Tech brunch, last week at Shift, yuuum. Somehow, everything revolves around food lately.

Yeah, moving on.

Got to play with the  Lenovo VIBE X2  phone and take way to many selfies for one day, well, you know, it happens..
I'm pretty satisfied with my Iphone6 but the camera on the Vibe X2 is amazing, and has a built in beautifier option for selfies, ha! Hello, perfect selfies! The TRUE8CORE ™  processor you quickly load any application. So, if you are looking for new phone, check the Vibe X2 out.

Though, I've fell in love with the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro laptop, such a pretty one, yeah, I'm superficial, I know. I'm on the search for another laptop, a day before the brunch I strolled around shops to check out the selection and was super disappointed with the big bulky ones. The dark side is strong and I have a Mac on my mind, you know... I'm going to resist the temptation though...
But Yoga 3 has only 1,19 kg and is 1,28 mm thin, it's unique design and touchscreen display allows the screen to flip around 360 degrees. I rest my case, that's one awesome laptop... don't ask me the tech specs you can check them out here if you wanna.

Now, I'll leave you with the selfies, 'cause my salad just arrived...
 With Miss Koko and Miss Ioana sending kisses :)